Home Sweet Home a Tracy Gayle Mystery Part Two by Trish Hubschman #DetectiveMystery #WordPressWednesday

Home Sweet Home a Tracy Gayle Mystery Part Two by Trish Hubschman #DetectiveMystery #WordPressWednesday

Home Sweet Home Part Two

A Tracy Gayle mystery

By Trish Hubschman

January 2022

I was crouched on the floor examining Judy’s back door. Nothing looked amiss. There were no scratches on the glass pane or the metal around it. The lock, in fact, looked brand new. I glanced up at Judy. My voice conveyed more disgust than I intended it too. “Did you get a locksmith in after the police were here the other day, Judy?”

Her reply tone was only slightly smug. “Of course, I did. I certainly couldn’t be expected to live in a house that had no protection. Doors and windows need good locks on them.””

She was right, nonetheless, the police had procedures and unless they gave the word that she could change the lock, she shouldn’t have. I stood up straighter. “Did the police dust for prints?” I asked, gesturing to the glass slider behind me.

She put her nose higher. “Indeed, they did. Made a mess of the house,” she said, making a circle of her arms. We were in the kitchen. “As if this place wasn’t already a mess with my being gone for four months. the dust accumulated. You’d think with Vicky coming in to check the place she might have run a dust rag over things before I got home.” She sighed wearily. “No of course, she didn’t. Well, at least she had stopped in occasionally, but when I saw the back door open, I was beyond annoyed.” She crossed her hands on her chest.

My thought at that point was, now, we were getting somewhere. “When did you realize the house had been robbed?” I asked.

Suddenly, Judy looked directly at me. There was a startled expression in her eyes. Her right hand came up and slapped her forehead. “Where are my manners? Please, take a seat at the table. I’ll make us some tea and I’ll tell you the whole story,” she said. And that’s what we did.

As the story went, Judy’s son, Michael, who lived in Maryland, went down to Florida the previous week and they drove back to New York together. When they came into Judy’s house, they found it was freezing. “I thought Vicky had turned the heat off to conserve energy,” Judy said. It sounded logical. I nodded. “But she knew when I was coming home, she should have turned it up again, Judy added. I again nodded. Once in the house, Judy headed straight for the kitchen. The sliding glass door was partially open. “I went right over to close it, but Michael stopped me. He said the house might have been robbed and I shouldn’t touch anything till he checked things out.” That’s what he did. He returned saying no one else was in the house, but something didn’t feel right. “I thought this was nonsense and just went to my room to unpack, but then I saw it too and realized he was right.” Judy’s hand was shaking on her teacup as she spoke.

“And what did you see in your bedroom?” I asked. I felt a strong urge to hurry things along, but I knew from experience that I had to tread delicately.

She inhaled and exhaled deeply. “So many things seemed askew, if that’s the right word for it,” she said. ‘One of my dresser drawers was open. The lid of my jewelry box was up, and things like that. I didn’t leave things like that.”

I understood. “What was missing?”

A tear dripped down her cheek. “My diamond engagement ring and wedding band that my dear Edward had given me years ago.”

I knew Judy had been married. She had two children. But I knew nothing about the man. Now, at least, I knew his name. I was tempted to reach out and pat Judy’s hand, but I stilled myself. I wasn’t close to the woman and, right now, she was a witness.

“Was there anything else?” I asked.

She sighed. “Some other pieces of jewelry, etc.,” she said.

“You called the police then?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I told my son, and he called the police.” “They came and I feel so violated, I guess is the word for it,” she said. I nodded. “Am I going to get my precious gems back?’ she asked.

I’ve had that question asked of me before. I always felt the best way to handle it was to skirt the truth. Chances where she would never see the stolen stuff again, but she might luck out. “We’ll keep an eye out with the local pawn shops.”

We ended our chat a little later. In all, I think I was at her house thirty minutes.

There was no need for me to inspect the premises. Judy’s cleaning lady had come in after the police and tidied everything up. I knew Judy didn’t need my business card, but I left it on the kitchen table anyway. “Danny and I are having dinner with Detective Johnson tonight,” I said. “We’ll discuss your house break-in and see if we can get to the bottom of it.”

She smiled, though I was sure it wasn’t easy to do. “Thank you, Tracy. You’re a good neighbor and good friend,” she added. I felt a stab of guilt when she said that. “Please tell your handsome fiancé I say hello.”

That was the least I could do. I took my leave.

To Be Continued



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December 2020

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Trish Hubschman is the creator and author of the Tracy Gayle mystery series. Tracy is a private detective from Long Island. Her sidekick, Danny Tide, is the leader of the rock band, Tidalwave. There are presently three books in the series, the first of which is Tidalwave. Danny’s band’s summer tour bus bursts into flames while they’re on Long Island. A police officer on the scene recommends his friend, Tracy Gayle, to investigate the fire. Danny hires her. During her sleuthing, she discovers bigger and more dangerous threats aimed at Danny.

Stiff Competition is the second book in the series. Tidalwave is performing at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. Danny Tide is Master of Ceremonies. The pageant is rolling along smoothly. The ten semi-finalists have been picked. Then suddenly Miss New Jersey is missing. An all-out search of the hotels on the Boardwalk is begun. Danny calls his longtime friend, Tracy Gayle, in New York and invites her down to assist in the search. The girl is found but it’s not good and she’s hospitalized. Another finalist must be picked to replace her. Then another girl is found dead. Tracy really has her hands full. She and Danny are working together on this one.

In Ratings Game, the third book of the series, someone is trying to kill Danny’s second wife, popular daytime talk show hostess, Blair Nelson. She collapses in her TV studio due to a drug overdose that she is not responsible for. Tracy and Danny spend the next few days at Blair’s Central Park West apartment in New York city sleuthing and taking care of family business. Tracy nearly becomes a victim of Blair’s attempted murderer.

She has also written numerous Tracy Gayle short stories, as well as, shorts in other genres. She writes poetry and nonfiction too.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in English-Writing from Long Island University’s Southampton Campus. She grew up on Long Island, but presently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Kevin, and dog, Henry.


  1. patricia hubschman Reply
    January 12, 2022

    I’m intriguing myself here with this story as it unravels. Tracy and Danny keep me glueed to my seat too. Tidalwave, begins the whole story. so far, there are 4 books in the series and numerous short stories. Who boke into Judy Crenshaw’s house? Keep tuning in.

    1. Hi Trish, so, what you’re telling us is that you’ve no more idea than we do about what might happen with Tracy and Danny next?
      I’ve heard others make similar statements about the characters in their stories.
      Either way, we cannot wait for the next installment.

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