HOLLY JOLLY HOLIDAYS: Snow On Trees by Sheri Lindner #PoetryPlace

HOLLY JOLLY HOLIDAYS: Snow On Trees by Sheri Lindner #PoetryPlace

Hi Everybody and Happy Holly Jolly Holidays to You!

This morning, I’ve got a treat for you from one of our newest members of the Writer’s Grapevine Community.

So, without further delay Here’s Sheri’s beautiful winter’s poem.

Snow On Trees

by Sheri Lindner

Overnight they become old men


bent over to less than half their height

heavy with the weight of the world

on their shoulders and backs.

I work loose

limbs that have been buried

before their time,

comb the heaviness

from their frost-shocked heads.

In my hands

for just this moment,

the secret of the fountain of youth

time turned back

wise old, cocky young saplings

proudly erect again

waving at God

their whole lives before them.

About the Author…

Sheri Lindner, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, poet, and essayist, whose works have appeared in many print and online journals. She was awarded first place in the 2nd annual (2013) NCPLS poetry contest, and has been nominated for a Pushcart prize. She is the author of Opening Eden’s Gate.

Guidelines for A Happy Holly Jolly Holiday!

If you want to join in, here’s how…

Between now and the 21ST of December send me your essays, short stories, poetry, recipes, or anything else of a holiday nature you can think of. Make sure to include a short bio 100 words or less, one website and if you wish an attached photo.

Offerings should come to me in an attached word doc unless we’ve a previous arrangement. Photos should come to me in either JPG or PNG file and the file should be titled to state what is in the photo.

Send your submissions to: patty.volunteer1

That’s patty dot volunteer 1 at gmail.com

I look forward to the privilege of sharing your Holly Jolly Holiday offerings soon.


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