His and Hers Pizzas #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp

His and Hers Pizzas #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp

His and Hers Pizzas #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #Inspiration #WritingPrompts

When my husband Bill was alive, he, like me, loved pizza. But he preferred only meat, cheese, and mushrooms, whereas I like a combination pizza with everything on it. So, whenever we ordered from Domino’s Pizza, we…

Read here to find out how Abbie and her late husband dealt with differing pizza tastes.

Trouble clicking? No fear. The URL for pasting into your browser is here: https://abbiescorner.wordpress.com/2023/10/19/his-and-hers-pizzas-sixsentencestorythursdaylinkup-inspiration-writingprompts/


  1. Thank you, Patty, for sharing.

    1. You’re most welcome.

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