Henry Speaks by, Trish Hubschman

Henry Speaks by, Trish Hubschman

Trish and her family have just made a major move. In this delightful tale, their dog Henry tells his own version of the journey down from up north and gives his take on the house.


Henry Speaks

By Trish Hubschman

February 2024



Hi, my name is Henry. I’m the cutest dog in America, well, at least I think so. Okay, the folks think so too. Here’s the story: We were living in a two-level house in Pennsylvania. I was so tired of going up and down the stairs, to get to the second floor or down to the basement. I’m sure they were sick of it too. Well, when they announced we were buying a new house, I was thrilled. Let me tell you about the journey to South Carolina.

We stayed in four hotels along the way. I, me, a four-legged pooch got to stay in some classy human hotels. Daddy took me for walks. I slept on a nice, comfy king-sized bed. The first two nights of hotels we were still in Pennsylvania, then we hit the road. I had to climb into a big U-Haul truck. Daddy made a ramp for me of wood to do it. It was kind of fun. Mommy didn’t do so well climbing into the truck, but she didn’t get cranky or anything.

Two days later, we were in a place called Charlotte, North Carolina. It looked familiar to me. But I know why. I was born in South Carolina. Mom told me that. So, I guess I kind of remember the place.

I was invited to the closing of their new house, whatever that is. It was at a lawyer’s office, and they treated me like gold, which I deserved, of course. Our new house is one-level and real nice. They fenced in the backyard for me. I can go outside whenever I want. A lot of people in our development have dogs, but, it seems, not too many houses have fences in their backyard. I feel sorry for my fellow canine pals. Okay, I love going for my morning walk with Daddy. He’s my main man. But what about other times during the day. If I couldn’t go outside to stretch my legs and get some fresh air, I think I’d go batty.

They even put a see-through storm door on the front of the house, so I can lie on the mat and stare out at the street. I love it.

The mailman doesn’t deliver to the house, so he doesn’t have to worry about me barking at him. UPS, Amazon, Walmart, and others do deliver. I bark at them. You should see how fast they sometimes toss the package down on the porch and run. Hee-hee. Do they think I’m going to open the locked storm door and jump them? No such luck. I’m not that tall.

Oh, landscapers, I can’t stand them. They come up almost to the front door with that awful sounding leaf blower. I bark and bark. I can’t stand it. They haven’t gone in our backyard lately. There are pine trees in back so there are no leaves. Thank goodness. When spring comes and they have to mow the grass, I’m going to stand in the back door and bark and bark.

I love our new house, my house, and love the neighborhood. I want to get to know the pretty black lab next door. Her backyard is fenced-in too.

Oh, one more thing, Mom’s been brushing my hair every day. I’m letting her. I’m nice and soft now. And I’m not trying to eat the brush like I used to.



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  1. Trish Hubschman Reply
    February 24, 2024

    Hi all, It was Henry’s turn to tell his side of it. He did fantastic and still is. He did have a playdate with the Lab next door. It’s true love. He’ll tell you about it soon.

    1. Well if he’s a playdate with a Lab he can’t go wrong.
      Says Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue.

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