Hello from The Avocet – The Weekly Avocet, every weekend – #421 #PoetryPlace

Hello from The Avocet – The Weekly Avocet, every weekend – #421 #PoetryPlace

Good morning.

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Dear Avocet Nature-loving poets and people:

Hello, Happy Holidays and New Year – 2021 – a new year, a new start. I pray all is well in your world.

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Patty L. Fletcher – patty.volunteer1 – sent us two photos and a poem about her wonderful friend and seeing-eye guide dog,

King Campbell.

The Puppy Grew Up and Became…

Once upon a time long ago,

When you were very small you know.

In the morning’s early dawn you were born,

But all too soon from your mother you were torn.

You were sent to live far away with a family you thought forever you would stay.

You learned the neatest and most awesome tricks.

So much more than chasing sticks.

You learned to sit to rest to lay,

You learned to obey in every way.

You did all these things so very well,

And every day you grew.

All too soon your life changed again,

And you made another new friend.

He was your teacher, your very own guide.

Would you forever walk by his side?

No! This was not to be.

You learned all you could from him,

And then,

You were given to me.

Fast we became best of friends,

And it is with me you will now stay until our work together ends.

In honor of Seeing Eye® Guide Dogs, puppy raisers, Trainers, and Handlers Everywhere!

May all that is fated, be as it is to be.

May I do no harm and blessed be.

Legal Notes THE SEEING EYE® and SEEING EYE® are registered trademarks of The Seeing Eye, Inc. See: www.SeeingEye.org

Patty L. Fletcher – Kingsport, TN – patty.volunteer1

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The Weekly Avocet – #421.pdf

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