Heartwings says, “The colors of fall are equaled only by the tastes.”

Heartwings says, “The colors of fall are equaled only by the tastes.”

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Heartwings Love Notes 2007 Fall is my Favorite Season

Heartwings says, “The colors of fall are equaled only by the tastes.”

On the road for a short trip recently, with my daughter at the wheel of the car, I was at liberty to feast my eyes on the fall color lining the highway. It was glorious, and I relished the rare opportunity. As I am usually the driver, I do not ordinarily have the opportunity to luxuriate in the passing scene. Keeping my eyes on the road while driving, rather than on the scenery must of course be my priority.

I love the colors of fall. For years they have inspired me to create poetry and photography. Fall is also when the apples ripen and are available in farmstands. The local apples are to me far tastier than any others, and the variety the farmstands offer is superior to those available in the market. I can almost never find my very favorite, Courtlands, anywhere except in local places that sell the older kind of apples that are not often mass produced.

There was once a wonderful orchard in Grafton. Sadly, it fell victim to the desire by the owners of the land for more houses. I will always remember the forest of white and pink blossoms adorning the trees that eventually became the fine local apples I bought every year. One spring day as I did every year, I drove over to see them; they were all gone. To my dismay, the beginnings of homes sprouted where they had once been. Perhaps to be fair, the land owners didn’t want to maintain the orchard. It requires a lot of work.

Apples are versatile fruit and can be used in a great many ways. Of course, it is delightful to bite into a raw one. Though to my way of thinking there is no comparison between a Courtland and a Macintosh or worse, a so-called Delicious. If you are not familiar with the less commercial varieties, I urge you to check out a local apple barn if you can find one, or a farm stand. There are places you can pick your own, as well. My favorite ways to use them are, applesauce, baked apples, and apple crisp.

I make my own applesauce using a food mill-see the internet to buy one, a wise investment. You can make something that bears no resemblance to the bland applesauce you can buy, and you don’t have to peel or core the fruit. For three or four pounds of apples, I use two sticks of cinnamon, some cider, and no other sweetener or ingredients. After I halve them and remove the blossom ends to prevent black specks in my applesauce, I pour half water, half cider to not quite cover them and add the cinnamon sticks. Once they boil, I cook them on low for 4 or 5 hours stirring occasionally, or on low overnight in a slow cooker.

Next, I remove the cinnamon sticks and grind the apples through the food mill. I put the applesauce in a container with the cinnamon sticks and store it in the fridge. Once you try this, you’ll never want to eat any other applesauce!

May you enjoy all that fall has to offer.

Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert

PS Do you have recipes or perhaps stories to share about fall or anything else? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading and especially for commenting if you do.

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