Heartwings Love Notes 748: Cherish the Moment

Heartwings Love Notes 748: Cherish the Moment

Hello! Everyone! Please? Read, this message! It is an extremely important one, that we all should take a moment to remember.

Heartwings Love Notes 748: Cherish the Moment


Heartwings says, “We won’t wonder where the time has gone if we have paid attention while it was passing.

The other day Stephen and I were out with my daughter and her fiancé for dinner and a movie. As we sat over pizza afterward, I thought to myself how wonderful this all was, and how much I was enjoying it. I reminded myself to cherish the moment. We never know when something will end, or at least change so that it is no longer available. I did not always feel this way; it is something I have learned from experience.

When my children were little I was a busy mother. With five young ones to care for and a husband who traveled on sales calls I had a lot of responsibility. When I look back on our lives together I know there is much that I missed simply because my mind was too filled with what I needed to think about: meals to be planned and prepared, where the children need to be and when, what clothes needed to be provided, mended or washed, this list goes on and on, and it is familiar to any parent. 

Looking back on all the changes I have moved through in my life, I realize how much I may have missed by not being present. A friend once said to me, “I always take special care to enjoy myself at your home because then when things change I will have no regrets.” We moved away and she went back to South America; we have lost touch. Most likely I will not see her ever again, yet because of what she said she has a presence still in my heart. Occasionally I do see again someone that came to our home for gatherings or classes a number of years ago and remembers us, and it makes me glad.

Recently I have lost a sister and a sister in law to death as well as a number of friends and acquaintances. At no time did I know when last I was with that person that I would not set eyes on her or him ever again. I am aware more than ever that when I am with someone I know, and especially someone I love that it is vital to be mindfully present, or I will miss out and regret that I did not take advantage of the time I had with them. Change is the law of life; nothing stays the same. Every moment is precious, most especially when we are with those we love.

May you enjoy every moment tht you have with those you love and care for.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

PS It is my great blessing when those who read my words let me know how they feel about them Please write me and tell me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. If you need a gift for someone special or even yourself, please consider my book, Heartwings: Love Notes for a Joyous Life. Available on Amazon or from Barnes and Noble, it is a collection of my Love Notes, poems and simple exercises for a happier you. 

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