Heartwings Love Notes 743: An Unanticipated Adventure

Heartwings Love Notes 743: An Unanticipated Adventure

Sometimes, I need do nothing but read. The universe provides the most beautiful information and in the most incredible ways. I encourage, invite, you to share, after reading this most incredible post. No description I could write no review could I give that would do this justice. It only goes to show, that life is a wheel. Continuously turning. A beautiful story of reminder. Have your adventure today. Blessings!

That is incredible! Way awesome! Just goes to show you live is a huge wheel! Way cool

Heartwings Love Notes 743: An Unanticipated Adventure

Heartwings says, “Adventures come in many forms, some more fun than others.”

Being a girl growing up I wasn’t encouraged to be adventurous. Recently, however I did create myself an adventure. If I had thought about it, I wouldn’t have put the new scissors I’d found in the storage unit into the suitcase I was taking with me on my return flight. I wouldn’t have been stopped and had my carryon opened and examined. When the security guard measured the scissors and put them back in the old red nylon suitcase that had belonged to my mother, I breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to gather my belongings. Then he took a bit of white material and ran it around the inside near the zipper.

Suddenly I was asked to take off my shoes and told I would be patted down. A female guard went over my body, informing me each time what she would be doing. Knowing I had nothing to fear, I simply allowed the experience to unfold. My daughter was worried, however we had arrived early so were in no danger of missing our flight. At one level I was laughing inside at the thought that an elderly great grandmother could be considered dangerous. However, I remained calm, knowing that giggling might not be regarded as appropriate.

Finding nothing, they asked me if I took any medication. I said no, but the suitcase had belonged to my mother. Then they mentioned nitroglycerine. I remembered that my mother had told me she took something for her heart. That cleared it all up. I got to put on my shoes and collect my belongings. Feeling relieved, I left the security area behind. Apparently even after more than 12 years in storage an old suitcase could carry traces of heart medicine and come across as a threat in these days of terrorist precautions.

My daughter and I had just spent almost two whole days processing the contents of a storage unit that had been unopened for twelve years. It contained the contents of my late mother’s art studio. We separated out a considerable amount of material that will form the basis for a retrospective exhibit to be curated by my youngest daughter, herself an artist. My mother was a professional with much art and many exhibits to her credit. If she had not shunned the limelight she might be a household word. I wondered if from her perch in heaven she looked down at my dilemma and giggled. I think it would have amused her that her adventuresome daughter had though unwittingly, created herself an adventure.

May whatever adventures you may have, have happy endings.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

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