Heartwings Love Notes 735 Time is a Strange Accordion

Heartwings Love Notes 735 Time is a Strange Accordion

I’d like to say a very large thank you to the author of the following for allowing it to be put on my blog. This writing touched me, and gave me food for thought.  I liked it very much, and wanted to share it with you.  Watch for her website information coming soon to campbellsworld

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Heartwings Love Notes 735 Time is a Strange Accordion

Heartwings says, “What we do and when we do it are often the parameters and definitions of our lives.’’

Stephen began stripping the bed. “Time to change the sheets.’’ I shook my head in amazement. “How is it possible that a week has gone by so quickly? It seems as though we only just did that.’’ It is true that as I gain in years time seems to have speeded up, and I notice this most when I realize how quickly certain tasks come around again to be done.

I don’t have set days to do the laundry. Except for the day we change the sheets, I do it when it has accumulated to a point that it needs doing. However, the size of our washing machine defines the amount that can be washed at any one time. For instance, it will accommodate two sheets nicely; the pillowcases are better washed with another load of clothing.

Stephen and I write and send out our columns each week. That is another parameter. Whenever we may write them, Sunday is our deadline for sending them out. We don’t have a particular day when we grocery shop. That is done on an as needed basis. Being semi retired writers we have more freedom without the 9 to 5 limitations that people in the workaday world may have.

I get out our supplements once a month and divide them into daily envelopes. Once again I am always amazed at how quickly it becomes time to do this again. The routines of my life do in some ways define my days, yet within the parameters of those routines there are poems to write and sunsets to observe, gifts to be given and hugs to be received. Making full use of whatever time I have seems to me to be the best way to enjoy life.

Here are some lines from a poem I wrote on the subject: Like an accordion, time shrinks or expands/ to fit the feeling of the memory./ Sparkling icicles of days melt in the sunshine of happiness,/ or with the icy wind of grief, the chill of regret, solidify./I cannot hold time in my hand or keep it in a jar./ I can only watch it pour itself through me/. And so I do, with deep gratitude for all my days.

Regardless what you do, may you find ways to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

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