Heartwings Love Notes 1094 Dealing with Small Nuisances by Tasha Halpert #HeartWings #SocialMediaMonday

Heartwings Love Notes 1094 Dealing with Small Nuisances by Tasha Halpert #HeartWings #SocialMediaMonday

Heartwings Love Notes 1094 Dealing with Small Nuisances


Heartwings says, “What can’t be cured must be endured.”


There is a saying, “nibbled to death by ducks,” that aptly describes what I am writing about: the small but frequently encountered annoyances we all experience. For instance, those envelopes businesses send out to put your checks, together with a portion of the bill, inside. The bill payment piece of paper must be put in right side up with the address facing outward. The check, behind it, is best put facing in to obscure the amount from prying eyes.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have messed this up. Sometimes the address ends up in the wrong place, and I must cut the envelope open, fix my mistake, then reseal it with scotch tape. Occasionally I seal the envelope and then discover I neglected to put in the check and must redo as above. You might suggest I pay with a deduction from my bank account. However, I don’t like to make my bank information that public. There are too many horror stories about stolen lists to allow me to feel comfortable doing that.

How about the cotton in pill bottles? Can you pry it out whole? Or does it shred in your fingers as you try to extract it, the way it does in mine? My solution is first, great delicacy and patience; failing that, I employ a pair of tweezers, or perhaps small tongs, and again, patience. I also try to find a use for the cotton and have so far discovered it can be used with silver polish to shine small objects or jewelry. It can also be used for other cleaning chores, and I seldom throw it out.

Then there are the spam calls. We have a program on our phone that catches and stops them after one ring. This is helpful. The ones that do get through fall into two main categories: sales or charity appeals. Depending on my mood, I can be polite with the latter: standard response, “We do not contribute from the phone, please send something in the mail,” or simply,” please take me off your list.” Intrusive sales people might get a teasing response or a flat “no,” and take me off your list or I’ll report you. Stephen has fun when he wants to. Recently, he told a person selling burial insurance he’s going to be stuffed and has already made arrangements with the taxidermist, or he might ask the person selling something for a date.

Coping with these incidents can be an annoyance. I have a number of friends who, because they hope to avoid these calls no longer have a home phone. Yet spam comes on cell phones too. I prefer talking on my home phone. It doesn’t get hot or drop calls. Besides it can be fun to tease the people who are earning a salary this way. Most appear to be foreign, so perhaps this job is important for them. As far as machines go, they usually hang up sooner anyway. I consider these experiences as a form of patience training, and let it go at that.


May you be able to handle your nuisances with ease,


Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert


PS I do so enjoy hearing from readers, write to me with suggestions, questions, and always, tales of your experience. Tashahal@gmail.com



Heartwings says, “If you follow your heart you cannot lose your way.”


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