Heartwings 797 Intoxicated By Beauty: and My Thoughts

Heartwings 797 Intoxicated By Beauty: and My Thoughts

Heartwings 797 Intoxicated By Beauty: and My Thoughts
October, 29 2017

Good morning campbellsworld visitors!
This morning I bring to you, one of Tasha Halpert’s most wonderful, and inspirational writings.

I don’t think I have already posted this one, and I know that I have not included my thoughts on it, if I did.
So, I hope you’ll take the time to read.

I very much enjoyed reading this writing, but, while I love the descriptions of what Tasha sees as she enjoys the fall day, and appreciate her gratitude in having “Eyes to see” it is that comment I want to speak to this early morning.

Before I go further, let me say, we both have in common, “The heart to enjoy it”

While I am absolutely one-hundred percent sure Tasha only wants to convey the beauty of the season, and her gratefulness for being able to enjoy such, I want to talk about the many other ways there are to enjoy this most wondrous time of year.

First, let me tell you about mine and Campbell’s early morning entrance to the outside world.

As we left the warm shelter of our house, the first thing I noted was the raw bite to the early morning air.

Campbell noted it too, as he took a big snoot-full before we ever left the door-way.

The second thing I noted were the sounds.

In the early morning you can hear things from miles around.

The air possesses a hushed quality, and when it is filled with lingering moisture, after a day of rain such as it was this morning, things sound different than any other time.

I could hear dogs barking in the distance, sending out their early morning messages to all the other dogs in the neighborhood.

I could hear the banging and clanging of a train as it crossed the tracks near the factory a short distance from our house.

I could hear the sounds of the factory itself, as its continuous works took place.

The sound of the ground squishing wetly underfoot made me think of the swamp I’d read of in the Dave Robicheaux novels I love so much.

The smell of the crisp clean air after yesterday’s all-day-long down-pour, was crisp and fresh, and my nose tingled with it as we walked around, while Campbell took care of his necessary.

Now, I do not at all wish to diminish Tasha’s thunder, nor take anything from her writing, after all, it is the writing below which inspired me to add my thoughts.

And so, without further ado, I give you, Tasha Halpert.

Heartwings Love Notes 797 Intoxicated by Beauty

Heartwings says, “To be drunk on beauty won’t hurt the liver.”

This time of year, I worry that if I were pulled over by a policeman I might appear intoxicated. That’s a joke, of course, as for many years my body has not tolerated more than a sip or two of alcohol, and that only on rare occasions. No, what I would be drunk on is the beauty that glows along the roadsides. As I drive around on my errands these days, the slanting rays of the autumn sun shine through the reds and golds of the turning leaves, leaving me breathless.

I feel fortunate that I have the eyes to see it and the heart to appreciate it. I remember a conversation I had once with someone who was chronically depressed. When I said something about the beauty around us she shrugged and told me she couldn’t really appreciate it. Although she didn not say it I could tell that she was simply too sad to do so. Her mind was preoccupied with her troubles and sorrows. I felt for her.

The gorgeous display that is the essence of a fall in New England is something many people travel here to see. It’s one of the reasons I prefer to live in this part of the USA. I spent some years in Virginia and missed the brilliance of our autumn very much. When many years ago I was in Texas in the fall, I felt the same. I grew up here, and perhaps New England is in my blood. All I know is that each year I look forward eagerly to this time of year.

One of the houses we lived in had a window that looked out over a very special Maple tree. The color that painted the leaves would begin with a single branch, sometimes as early as late August. How I enjoyed it when that patch of leaves burst into brightness. The loveliness of nature in autumn warms my heart in a way that enlivens my whole being. I am so very thankful for this special gift of loveliness, free for the gazing, billowing over the hills and presenting on yards, our New England fall.


  1. Dear Patty, Thank you for your kind comment, and your commentary, which was quite wonderful. and very telling. I am always happy to share my thunder, so to speak. Do let me say I was speaking more of spirit, or as you said heart, than eyes, physical–one might also say mindset, if you wish, because the expression eyes to see and ears to hear is not so much literal but figurative here. I meant no inference or specific reference to eyes, no worries. It is very nice to have your expanded version of your experience that I so enjoyed. It is all good! To appreciate is the important idea, is it not? Blessed be, Tasha

    1. I felt that you might have that meaning in mind as well, but so many people get caught up in the visual and nothing else I just thought I’d expand on it.

      Honestly I had already read, and posted, that Heartwings several places, but when I went out this early fall morning, and there were so many things to appreciate, I was drawn back to it again.

      I love reading your posts, and am always inspired by them.

      I am so appreciative of your following, and commenting on posts I write.

      Thanks, and blessid be.

      PS. Isn’t writing fun?

      Isn’t it fun to read another’s work, and become so inspired you simply must write or burst?

      That is how I felt on this day.

      Like, if I did not put down what I felt I might simply pop apart.


      1. Yours is a sweet heart, sweetheart, Question: Can you read theprinted word or do you only read Braille?

        1. I do not have any usable vision.

          I read eBooks and Audio books, and my computer has what is called a Screen-reader program which reads pretty much everything that comes into or goes out of the computer except for things that are graphical and certain types of digital.

          I do read Braille, but not nearly as much as I once did.

          For me, over the years what with the constant changes in my disabilities, and new ones added, Braille is at times hard for me to manage, for various reasons, and so reading it only serves to frustrate me if I am doing more than checking a lable, or something small like an elevator number, or marking on a door some-place.

          1. Thanks for letting me know. I have a pagan newsletter I am part of I hoped to send you, but they do not yet have an on lime version, If they do, I will be sure ou have a subscription. Love and a hug, Tasha

          2. Thanks, that would be great.

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