Hear Me Live, WordPress Wednesday Reminder and More #NewsNuggets #SubmissionReminder

Hear Me Live, WordPress Wednesday Reminder and More #NewsNuggets #SubmissionReminder

Good morning everyone.

I hope all are well this day.

I’m writing to let you all know that I’ll be out of pocket for the majority of today.

This morning at 10 A.M. Eastern I’ll be appearing live on a local radio program heard at ESPN of the Tri-Cities WKPT-FM.

This show is not recorded or archived, and so if you wish to hear me live you’ll need to tune in during that time.

You can find it on the Tune In app or wherever you hear livestream radio but you will need to be tuned in during that time.

This is not available on ACB Radio. But you probably could find it by asking Siri or Alexa to hunt it up but the easiest way is the Tune In App.

This afternoon after lunch I’ll be recording a podcast with Butterfly Thomas.


In between and after all that I’ll be proofing the final edit of The October Book and Business Bonanza program.

I’d like to give Casey Mathews of WebFriendlyHelp a plug because he has done an Amazing job editing out all the extrainious noise.

I must say that Casey had his work cut out for him.

So, very nicely I’d like to remind all of you when you attend a live show and it’s being recorded if the host doesn’t mute all participants please use your mute buttons on your phones and computers according to where you are attending from.

Anyhow, here’s Casey’s info for anyone who might need his help.

Website: www.webfriendlyhelp.com

Email: help

And phone of course: 567-234-0078

Before I forget, please remember that tomorrow is WordPress Wednesday.

If you wish to participate in that promotion day please have your pieces to me by 5 P.M. Eastern.

Please make sure to use the submission guidelines when submitting.

If you’re a blogger and you’ve specific posts you wish to have reblogged or shared, please send them to me today before the deadline.

Have a great day, and remember it’s up to you to make it that way. So, make it a great one today.

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