HAPPY HOLLY JOLLY HOLIDAYS!: Wish of the Wee Golden a Bubba Tails Christmas Part Two #Author’sCorner

HAPPY HOLLY JOLLY HOLIDAYS!: Wish of the Wee Golden a Bubba Tails Christmas Part Two #Author’sCorner

Welcome back to a Happy Holly Jolly Holiday celebration!

Make sure to keep reading after today’s tale is through to find out how you can join in the fun and to see my special holiday book swag sale!

When last we left Jane she’d just made a wish on the magickal Christmas tree star.

Let us all settle down to see what may come to be…

Wish of the Wee Golden

A Bubba Tails Christmas


In Wish of the Wee Golden: A Bubba Tails Christmas, Jane the Wee Golden from, Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0765BWDJF

learns from Pup friend Barkly of a Santa just for dogs named Santa Paws.

Some, say he is real. Others, say he is a fairytale.

When Jane hears the Puppy Raiser families talking of the Christmas party being held for the Puppy Raiser families and their pups, she makes a wish on the star at the top of her family’s Christmas tree that he will come to the party, so everyone will know there is a fur sure real live Santa Paws.

When he doesn’t show, she sets out on a journey to the North Pole to see if the human Santa knows if he is real, and if so why he has stopped visiting all the good little girl and boy doggies.

Along the way she meets Robert the Rabbit, a security guard snowman, and the real live human Santa.

Soon they’re joined by King Campbell and many of her puppy friends.

Will they find Santa Paws?

Join Jane and all her friends on their magickal journey and find out.

Wish of the Wee Golden: a Bubba Tails Christmas Part Two


Patty L. Fletcher

As Christmas drew near, she began to become very excited. Though she knew she must be good, it was becoming very hard to do.

She found the hardest thing for her, other than not chewing that tasty tree, was the waiting.

In that, she was much like Karen.

Karen was the youngest, and smallest of her family, and she too had golden hair.

Jane and Karen went on many adventures together.

They went to friend’s houses to visit, to the grocery with Mother, and Jane had even gone to Karen’s school for Show and Tell.

Karen took her on wonderful sniff-fests every morning before she left on the big yellow school bus, and in the afternoon when she returned home, she would hold her in the crook of her arm, while she did something called home-work.

Karen’s big brother Brad, was always saying, “Karen, when Jane gets a bit bigger, you’re going to have to stop snuggling her so. She must learn to be a Seeing Eye Guide Dog, you know?”

Karen would smile her sweet smile, bounce her curls and say, “Yes Brother, I know, but she must also learn to give love. She is a special dog, who has many magickal powers.”

Brad would pull a funny face, wiggle his fingers at her and walk away whistling.

Karen, too was having a hard time waiting. Once the presents began to show up underneath the tree, she would spend long moments investigating them.

Jane would lie curled up on her rug, and watch as one by one, Karen picked up the packages that were marked with her name, and shake them.

It did not matter how much her mother, father, and big brother Brad scolded, she could not seem to help herself.

It was the same, for jane, and that tasty Christmas tree. Try as she might, she simply could not seem to leave it alone.

The little needles, though a bit sticky, tasted so very good, and there was nothing quite so fine as sneaking a drink out of the water bowl it stood in.

Many times, she had been corrected for doing such, but she simply could not leave it.

One day just before the big party, where Santa Paws was sure to be, Jane was having a chew, of the tasty tree. Just as she settled down to have a nibble, she felt a hand on the back of her neck, and Father was scruffing her saying, “Pfui! Leave It! If you do not leave that tree alone, Santa Paws will never come to see you!”

And, with that, he locked her into her crate.

Jane, was terrified. “No Santa Paws? Could chewing on that tree really be what kept everyone from knowing just who he was? Was that the trouble?”

She curled herself into a puppy ball, and began to cry.

Just then Karen came running into the room, “Father, whatever is the matter with Jane?” She started to reach for the door to Jane’s crate, but Father said, “No Karen, Jane must learn to leave the tree alone. She must be made to grow up some. She is going to need to learn to do many important things in her life, and we must stop babying her so, now run along and play. Leave Jane to think about her wrong doings for a while.”

Karen looked sad, but she did as Father said, and went off to play in her room.

Jane remained in her crate until time to go outside, and have dinner, but even after she’d been let out of her crate, given love by all the family, taken for a wonderful walk in the yard by Karen, and fed, she could not be quite content.

All that long night, she worried about the words Father had spoken when he had corrected her, and she decided right then and there, she would never chew that tree again.

No matter how good it smelled, no matter how sweet the water from its bowl, she would leave it alone. Fore, Santa Paws had to come, and if he did not, it would indeed, be all her fault.

From that night onward, Jane did not bother the tree. She worked very hard at doing all the things a doggy readying itself to become a great and powerful Seeing Eye dog must learn, and she never ever went near the tree. Not even to stand close and sniff. She, was determined to leave it.

Finally, the day of the big Christmas party had arrived. Karen wore a beautiful red velvet dress, and soft ribbons in her golden curls.

Jane’s fur had been groomed until it shown like the sun, and she too wore a soft ribbon in her fur.

She was quite proud of how she and Karen looked, and walked politely beside Karen on her leash into the big room.

Many people walked up to them saying, “My Karen, don’t you and little Jane look beautiful. Are you ready for Santa Clause?”

Karen would smile, and say, “Oh! Yes, and so is little Jane.”

Soon all the food had been eaten, the dishes cleared away, and everyone was excitedly waiting on Santa. Jane could barely keep still.

Just then Barkly came bouncing up on his toes.

“Hey little Jane, what’s shaken?”

“Oh! Barkly! I’m so excited! Santa Paws is coming!”

Barkly stood very still, and did not say a word. He looked just a tad upset.

“What’s wrong? You haven’t been a bad boy, have you? Are you worried Santa Paws won’t bring you a toy or treat?”

“um? Jane? I have something to tell you.”

But, before Barkly could finish there was a tinkling of dog tags, and suddenly There was King Campbell, and his human mother.

Jane’s heart lept. For just a moment she’d thought that tinkling must be Santa Paws, but well, it just wasn’t time yet, that was all, and she ran with the other pups to visit with the King.

When it was finally Jane’s turn to visit King Campbell crouched down and looked at her, “Why, is that the wee golden who used to snuggle with me in the puppy nursery at The Seeing Eye? The one who caused such trouble, and ran away during a big fierce storm?”

Jane smiled a shy smile, “Y…Y…Yes King Campbell it’s me.”

King Campbell drew her near, and gave her a big lick.

“And have you been a really good young puppy, so that Santa will come to visit?”

“Oh! Yes, King Campbell. I have been very good. I have even learned to stop chewing the Christmas tree at our house. It was very hard, but I had to do it, else Santa Paws would not come to the party.”

“What? Santa Paws?”

But before he and Jane could finish their talk, his human mother was tugging his leash saying, “Come along Bubba, we’ve got much to do before Christmas.” And with that, they were gone.

As Jane settled down again beside Karen, who had waited very patiently for her to visit with King Campbell, they again heard a tinkling sound, but this time it was the sound of bells.

Jane held her breath. Could it finally be?

To Be Continued…

Guidelines for Happy Holly Jolly Holidayys

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  1. A lovely second part to this story, Patty.

    1. Hi Robbie.

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it. The third part is coming soon.

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