Happy Easter

Happy Easter


Not only is today EASTER it is GOOD NEWS SUNDAY! As well! How about that? Two Celebration Days in one! Yes…Yes… I know! We celebrate GOOD NEWS SUNDAY! Each week. That is OK! Having a DOUBLE CELEBRATION is fun!

Now, as I’ve written previously, I’m sick today. I cannot be out and about. I, however, have decided that I need not let this Spoil My Day! While I do not observe this Holiday for all the same reasons as do the Christians, I do Know, and Believe that Jesus Lived, and Died upon this Earth. His teachings have Served me Well over the years of my life. This time of year, means many things to me. Two of the most important things are…

  • Giving and Receiving FORGIVENESS

Although my Physical Self is feeling sick, and rundown, my Spiritual Self and Attitude, are FABULOUS! So, I have decided to spend part of this day sharing happy memories from this time period. They won’t all be about EASTER but they will center around Spring, and the things I have mentioned this time of year means to me. I hope you enjoy! Some I’ve shared before. Some have never been seen. All are filled with HAPPINESS LOVE and at times FORGIVENESS.

Read, Learn, Grow, and BLESSID BE!

Here is one of many!



The Mysterious Package and the  Blue Bunny


Patty L Fletcher


It was a bright beautiful warm spring day. King Campbell  my Seeing Eye  Guide Dog and I were coming home from a long day at the office. I was more than sick of being cooped up inside all day, and being sure he was as well I decided to have the bus driver drop us off a few blocks from the house so we could walk the rest of the way home.

As the bus pulled away Campbell  and I stood for a moment just enjoying the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair before walking the few remaining blocks to the house.

Once we were there I let him relieve himself and we headed for the stairs leading up to our apartment.

As we reached the top step I noted a package with my left foot. “Hmmm? Campbell?  Wonder what this is?” I picked it up and started inside with it. I noticed that there was an address label on it, and so decided I would run it next door to the neighbor’s house to see who it was from.

It was nearly Easter so I figured it must be a gift from a friend.

First, we ran inside so I could change from my work clothes in to something much more comfortable and King Campbell  could get some water.

Once changed and refreshed with a drink for both of us we were off again.

As I slipped Campbell  back in to his harness I said, “OK boy let’s go see what this package is.” As if in agreement he gave out a wiggly waggly jingly jangly shake. I laughed, “Oh my sweet King Campbell Lee  you’re a hoot.”

We walked easily with one another and were soon next door chatting with my now EX Fiancé  Donnie  and he told me that there was no return address on the package. Finally I could stand it no longer. I had to know what it was.  The package felt as if it had something soft inside. It was not big enough for it to be clothing and my curiosity was simply getting the better of me.

I took the package back from him and said, “You want to see what’s in here?” He laughed, “Well of course. You don’t get to come over get my curiosity all stirred up and then go home.” So I ripped open the package and inside was a soft stuffed blue bunny. Just as I started to say something about someone playing Secret Easter Bunny Campbell jumped up and snagged the bunny from my hands. “Campbell!  Give that back!” I scolded, but to no avail. For the next couple of days it was like a war. Every time I turned around he would snatch Blue Bunny off my bed and go roaring through the house shaking it back and forth at top speed.

 It was as if he  believed that bunny had been for him. I was beginning to think it might very well have been what with the way he was acting and so after a while gave in and let him have it.

We never did find out where that package came from and so to this day I have no idea where the blue bunny came from. Who knows? Maybe there truly is an  Easter bunny.


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