Happening Today October 12 7 PM eastern GDUI Candidates Want to Hear from You #NewsNuggets

Happening Today October 12 7 PM eastern GDUI Candidates Want to Hear from You #NewsNuggets

GDUI Candidates Want to Hear from You

By Patty L. Fletcher – a Proud Member of Guide Dog Users Incorporated

Hello, everyone, Saturday, September 30, was the first of two GDUI candidate forums. During the first meeting I along with other GDUI members spent an informative two hours participating in the  GDUI candidate forum meeting. During which we were given a chance to ask questions of our candidates, running for various positions within the organization.
If you are a member of GDUI I strongly encourage you to get involved. The next candidate forum will happen on October 12 at 7:30 PM Eastern. If you are a member, you may attend and ask the candidates about issues that concern you as a guide dog handler and how they as members of the organization holding positions within will make effort to deal with those issues plaguing you.
We will also be speaking about some bylaw amendments being voted on. This is very important ladies and gentlemen, if you are a member of this organization, this is your business it belongs to all of us, and we must stand together as unified members to be the best guide dog users Organization that we can be.
Please join us for our next meeting. I hope to see you there.
If you are not a member of GDUI then let’s change that visit the website at:


Read about us learn about us join us thank you. I am a proud member, and I hope to see you as one too very soon.
Thank you too GDUI Left parentheses guide dog users Inc.) for giving me and other members a voice and allowing us to be a part rather than an observer 



Here are your candidates.

Liz Bottner (Incumbent) of Washington D.C.

Margie Donovan (Incumbent) of California

Vicky Kennedy of Hawaii

Patricia Lipovsky of Florida

Kay Malmquist of Missouri

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