HAPPENING NOW AND EVERY-DAY!: Paws on the Street Part Twenty-Six – Coffee, Community, and Wrestling with Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue #AmericanCouncilOfTheBline #Blindness #Community #MultipleDisabilities

HAPPENING NOW AND EVERY-DAY!: Paws on the Street Part Twenty-Six – Coffee, Community, and Wrestling with Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue #AmericanCouncilOfTheBline #Blindness #Community #MultipleDisabilities

By Patty L. Fletcher

March 26, 2022

Moon Phase Waning Crescent

“It’s 8 AM.” The Clock in my windowsill declared.

“OOH! My Gosh! I cannot believe we slept this late!” I said, throwing off the covers burying Blue as I sprang out of bed.

I’d been sick in the night and had needed to take some meds so had slept later than intended. I like to get up around 7 so I can take my time with my morning routine of washing face, brushing teeth and hair, and walking the chief but my lying about in bed until 8 was going to push everything into overdrive.

I need not have worried, for as usual Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue was on the case. He’d caught a whiff of my excitement so by the time I was pulling on my shoes he was dancing from foot to foot by the door.

“Sneeze! Stomp! Jingle! Shake! Come on mom! let’s go. Daylight’s a wasting.”

“Alright big guy!” I laughed as I leashed him, grabbed my cane, and headed out the door.

Yes, I take Blue for walks with him only on leash and me using my cane. Sometimes, it’s quicker and this morning, we needed to hurry.

Speeding up the walk with a bounce in his step, Blue went in search of his favorite relief spot atop the hill underneath what I believe is a weeping willow tree. When he’d left his message along with all the rest, we took off for his private bathroom where he would get down to the serious business of the day.

The wind blew fresh and cool into our faces, causing my ponytail to swing crazily behind me and sent ripples through Blue’s fur as we flew back down the hill to our apartment, Blue’s breakfast, my coffee and call.

Once back in we had just enough time to scoop up a cup of kibble, start the coffee perking and have a few tosses of the squeaky ball before Alexa called out, “I’m reminding you! ACB Community Call.”

Amazingly enough, when this alert sounded, Blue grabbed his favorite bone, sat down beside me and holding it in his mouth waited with tail wagging and muscles quivering to continue the game while I called in.

After I’d had my turn to share, Blue bounced over, dropped the ball into my lap and declared, “You can listen and throw.”

Throw I did. He ran, spun, leapt, and danced again and again each time I tossed his squeaky bouncy ball.

After a while, my cup was empty I was feeling more human, so I dropped into the floor beside my Big, Blue Dog thinking I’d give him a good tummy rub while he chewed his bone and I listened as my friends shared their own tales.

Blue however, had different ideas. Excited by the fact I was in the floor with him he began thrusting his bone into my face, his whole-body wagging with glee saying, “Here mom, try this. Oh, it’s something you’re gonna love. Come on now, just one bite and you’ll be hooked.”

When I didn’t comply, he became even more insistent, standing on his hind legs, pressing his front paws onto my shoulders, and pinning me to the floor. He stood there overtop me wagging for all he was worth, dropped the bone and covered me with kisses instead.

I laughed until I had tears rolling down my face and as the chatter of my friends from round the world filled my home, so too was my heart filled with joy!

Finally, Blue’s energy was spent and on a sigh of pure contentment he flopped to the floor, put his head in my lap showed me his tummy and said, “I’ll take that tummy rub please?”

All too soon the call was ending, Blue was climbing into his bed for a morning snooze in the sun and as I stood in the quietude of my kitchen pouring another cup of brew, I tried to piece together how I could share this wonderful morning with you.

Here I am, trying to put into words all I experienced, knowing it falls quite short of the real thing. So, rather than my continuing in an effort of futility, let me extend an invitation to you.

I can’t give you a wrestling match filled with wags and kisses, but I can promise a fun filled loving time.

Check out a bit of the schedule of events below, then use the information provided to sign up and join in. It’s fast, fun, and free. No membership required.

Saturday Morning Trivia: 11am ET, 8am PT, 5am HT

Play Saturday morning trivia. Some of these are pretty easy. Some will break your brain. Join Danette and fellow Community members for the laughter and fun.

ACB Crafters – Crafting Community Celebration: 12pm ET, 9am PT, 6am HT

Celebrate two years of ACB Community events. Make an origami party hat and a pony bead cup cake.

Sponsored by ACB Crafters, making crafting accessible

Things To Know About Your Echo Show: 1pm ET, 10am PT, 7am HT

If you’ve got an Echo Show and don’t yet know how to use it, or if you’re just interested in what this device can do for you, join Lucy as she demonstrates the cool things she uses hers for.

Listen on

ACB Media 5

Say to your Amazon device, “ask ACB Media to play 5.” Dial: 518-906

Disability Reading Group: 2pm ET, 11am PT, 8am HT

We meet on the last Saturday of the month to talk about books that examine disability from personal, cultural, and political perspectives. This month we’re discussing There Plant Eyes: A Personal and Cultural History of Blindness by M. Leona Godin (DB104014). The book combines autobiographical details with an analysis of blindness in literature and its use as a metaphor.

Visit the Disability Reading Group online.

FCB Presents Accessible Pharmacy: 2pm ET, 11am PT, 8am HT

Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind is a comprehensive, home-delivery pharmacy service specializing in the needs of the blind, deaf blind, and low vision community. They are the only provider of its kind and the largest blind-owned healthcare company in the United States. We will be joined by the Director of Business Development for Florida, Mary Ann Grignon and, one of the co-founders of the company, Andy Burstein.

Sponsored by Florida Council of the Blind

Bible Trivia: 3pm ET, 12pm PT, 9am HT

Come test your Bible knowledge. Submit your own Bible trivia questions here.

Grief Journey: 6pm ET, 3pm PT, 12pm HT

It is said that a burden shared is a burden halved. We are all grieving for different reasons. Please come and share, or just listen in and provide support.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this group is for peer support only. It is not a therapy group; will not be facilitated by a health care professional; and does not purport to provide mental health services.

Weekend Braille Together – Perkins Braillewriter: 6pm ET, 3pm PT, 12pm HT

Join us for a discussion of the Perkins Braillewriter. We will talk about the different parts and layout of the machine; how to load paper; adjust the margins; when and where to have these durable machines serviced; and how to care for them so they need as little servicing as possible. Please bring your questions, tips, and resources.

Email Braille Together

Let’s Talk Sports: 7pm ET, 4pm PT, 1pm HT

Spring Training is underway, and opening day is in less than two weeks. Join Dan and Eric as they talk baseball, March Madness, and much more. Bring your memories; your predictions; and let’s talk sports.

Saturday Night Live – DC Leadership Conference; 7pm ET, 4pm PT, 1pm HT

Join us for a discussion about the DC Leadership Conference.

Sponsored by ACB Next Generation

Karaoke, Community Style – Spring Theme Night: 9pm ET, 6pm PT, 3pm HT

New love, birds, gardens, rain or sunshine, baseball, the months of April, May, or June, and anything else that speaks Spring to you. Bring it on! Whether you come to listen or perform, everyone is there to have fun in a supportive environment. Sing acapella; with a karaoke track; with your own instrument to accompany you; or play an instrument without singing. Whether you perform prerecorded or live, all genres are welcome, as long as we keep things family friendly. Ensure your spot in this Spring Theme Night by sending your song selection to community@acb.org by 6pm ET and be placed on our priority list. Raised hands will follow, time permitting. This is a great way to spend part of your weekend. Please join us!

Listen on

ACB Media 5

Say to your Amazon device, “ask ACB Media to play 5.” Dial: 518-906-1820 and press 5.

Folks, there’s a whole heap more going on this weekend and every single day after so please, please, please, join in the fun.

To receive the daily schedule in your inbox with all the necessary call-in links, phone, ID, and Passcode information send an email to: community@acb.org

Do you know someone without email, or would you just rather hear the schedule read? We’ve got you covered. Phone: 1.800.424.8666, follow the prompts and hear a recorded version.

Please note, there are at times last-minute changes to the schedule which may not make it to the phone line.

The ACB Community is a safe, respectful and welcoming place to which you’re invited.

Learn more about ACB

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Thanks so much for reading. I hope to see you in the community.

May Harmony find You and Blessid May You Be.

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