Hanging out on Campbells corner: dictated.

Hanging out on Campbells corner: dictated.

Campbell and I have had a great day. We spent the morning getting our room all in order. Rearranging bedside tables, making a bed in the corner of the room for Campbell, and a corner for me to hang out in with all my electronics.
I did a load of laundry, and found a nice outfit to wear out.
Finally afternoon was upon us, and we decided it was time to get out and about. So, I harnessed up my pup, and off we went.

First, walk the three or so blocks to the bus. Then, we had to ride a while. Things were a little interesting and unusual on the ride over. First off, there was a couple on board one of whom was in a wheelchair. They asked to be transferred to another bus, at the station so they could go to the mall. The driver of our bus told them that this bus went to the mall. They asked if it was not the bus that stopped at the parking lot entrance rather than next to the building. I knew it was, but did not say anything they driver did not seem to understand, or maybe he ignored them. Either way he did not answer the question. He did not transfer them either I found this to be quite unusual.
When they afternoon driver returned, we discussed the matter and the couple was transferred after all. In the end, it made us late but it was of no matter to me.
Campbell and I were going to Applebee’s for lunch and we were in no hurry. I simply wanted a couple of drinks, some alone time, and a little good food besides.

When we finally made it to the restaurant, the driver of the bus pulled up in front of the parking lot entrance. He described the layout of the route I needed to take to get from the bus to the door of the building, so I was able to direct Campbell. I am so proud to have the kinds of drivers I have. It makes it so I do not have to take the ADA door to door van service unless I really want it. I am proud, to be able to go so many places on the public transit.

When we got inside, someone came right away and seated us. Turned out to be our regular spot. If I were not a frayed there would actually be someone sitting there, Campbell and I could quite literally Seat ourselves.

Soon I was drinking a drink, and reading an updated Braille menu. It did my heart good to see that it had been updated in 2015.
When I asked later, I found out that is a win all of their menus had been updated.

I did have one disturbing experience. As we were being seated, The host remarked, “you can put him in the seat beside you if you wish.” The first thing I did was take a deep cleansing breath. What it out slowly, and summoned all positive thought process. Then I said, “I am certain that you mean no harm, however no real service dog will ever sit in the seat beside its handler unless it is necessary to the service. Furthermore, this behavior could get the health department called on you. You do not have to allow such.”

Now we are home, full, and on the porch with a beer relaxing.

Well, let us see if this post as well as the last. Practice makes perfect, so…???

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