Halloween Countdown: Soul Cakes

Halloween Countdown: Soul Cakes

I like the recipe given that uses the pie-crust, however, when I make these, I use a favorite muffin mix, and add a little something extra, like a specially prepared fruit, and sometimes depending upon the person with whom I’m sharing, a tiny surprise gift.

You have to watch doing this part, and make sure what you put into the cake is worthy of an oven.

Else you get melty junk in your cakes and those then have to be destroyed.
Or, do they?

What to do with cakes when something like this happens?

I live near a stream. So, I go to the stream, and give them to Sister Water, and let them flow toward whatever destiny they’re meant for.
As the blogger says, Happy Souling!
PS. I’ve just been inspired for a special celebration.
Thanks, cause I was considering skipping the entire day.

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