Guide Dog Owners Manuel by Shelley McMullen

Guide Dog Owners Manuel by Shelley McMullen

Hi! You’ve heard about the book, Auston Bound, by, Shelley McMullen.

Now, see what else she has to offer.

She has written a guide dog owner’s manual.

And, here she is in her own words to tell you more…

Pathway to freedom Shelley McMullenHello again, everyone!

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me, and my offerings.

I first mentioned this book in my interview on for prospective guide dog owners, Professionals in the blindness field such as O and M instructors and rehabilitation counselors and for the general public. The book covers everything from how to make a decision to get a guide dog, all the way through retirement of the dog. The book does not favor any particular guide dog school. It does not cover training techniques. It is filled with common sense from my own experiences and contains a multitude of practical advice.  The link to purchase the E book is You will also find my bio accomplishments and services on this website.

Why I wrote this book…

The purpose of this book is to provide a basic, practical, easy-to-understand manual for blind or visually impaired adults who might be interested in learning about or obtaining a guide dog.

Guide dogs are also known as Seeing Eye or Leader Dogs as well as Dog Guides.

It is my hope that obtaining a dog would enhance their ability to travel safely and independently. Suggestions made and experiences shared within this book hopefully will be beneficial to dog guide users who may be struggling with specific questions, concerns or issues with regard to their current dog guide.


Some of the topics covered are…

  1. What A Guide Dog Can Do For You

    2. The Decision To Apply For Guide Dog Training

    3.     Your Own Personal Adjustment                                  

    4.     Choosing A Guide Dog Facility                                            

    5.     Application Process                                                               

    6.     Breeds Used For Guide Dog Work                                       

    7.     Acceptance For Training – What To Expect                       

    8.     Orientation At Training                                                 

    9.     The Guide Dog’s Experience                                      

    10.   Is It Christmas?                                                            

It is my hope that, if, you, or someone you know, is considering obtaining a guide dog, that, this book will help you make a more informed decision.

Thanks again, for stopping by, and do let me know if this, or any of my other writings helps you along your way.

More about Shelley McMullen…

Shelley McMullen currently resides in San Antonio with her husband Joe, and her Seeing Eye dog Dolce.

 She is congenitally totally blind due to retinopathy of prematurity. She attended public school in Houston and acknowledges that she will be forever grateful for the variety of experiences that accompanied her public-school education. She obtained a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Arkansas State University in 1976. She has a Masters degree in counseling from the University of Arkansas as well.                                                                                          

Ms. McMullen lived in Little Rock Arkansas for 20 years, and was a responsible employee in the corporate world. Her employment history includes work as fulltime receptionist in the Attorney General’s Office and Governor’s Office respectively. She worked as an independent living specialist for Mainstream Living, an independent living center for the disabled, and as a job placement counselor for the Arkansas Lighthouse for the Blind. She was an employee of Lion’s World Services for the Blind for 8 years as a rehabilitation counselor and volunteer coordinator. 

In 1996 Shelley returned home, to Texas, in order to be closer to her family. She lived in Austin, for 5 years and briefly worked at the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center as a personal and social awareness instructor, and in a summer position as a volunteer coordinator for Goodwill. She met her husband Joe in June of 2000 at the American Council of the Blind of Texas state convention. She married Joe in May of 2001 and moved to San Antonio.
Ms. McMullen has an overwhelming desire to be independent. She has been a dog guide user since May of 1975. She values all of the dogs she has had, and appreciates all of the training she has received over the years.  

Shelley has had success throughout her life. Her blindness has in many ways served as an asset, rather than a liability.

She has been recognized for the following accomplishments and responsibilities:

Arkansas Council of the Blind Employee of the Year 1977

Pilot Club Handicapped Woman of the Year 1985

Emmaus lay director Laurel Heights United Methodist Church

Chancel Choir Member and Soloist Laurel Heights United Methodist Church

Sunday School Class Member Laurel Heights United Methodist Church

Stephen Minister and Stephen Leader Laurel Heights United Methodist Church

Alamo Council of the Blind Advocacy Chair and second Vice President

Ms. McMullen is a certified Christian Life Coach. She obtained her certification from the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (PCCCA) in March of 2008. She has a burning desire to assist adults who are blind or visually impaired with God’s help, to reach their highest potential.

So, if you are struggling with issues related to independence as a blind person, deciding whether or not to obtain a dog guide, or the grief you are suffering as a result of vision loss, loss of a job or any other circumstance that relates to a major transition in your life please feel free to contact her.  Family members of those who are visually impaired and want to acquire a better understanding are also encouraged to seek Ms. McMullen’s assistance.

Ms. McMullen’s approach is Christ centered, but she is ready and willing to help you from your own prospective and will respect your values. 

For more information about coaching or speaking engagements, please contact Shelley McMullen at:

Walking Blind By Grace

Phone: (210) 824-2617  (US)

CLICK HERE to email Shelley.


Copyright © 2010-2016 Shelley McMullen

Please let me know if I need to change anything else.


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  1. Shelley McMullen Reply
    August 28, 2017

    This is fine. The only thing I would like added is that Dolce is a petite German shepherd. Guide dog users in particular are always interested in what breed the dog is. Thanks. Otherwise this is great.

    Note: I have sold about 40 copies of this book since 2009. It sells for $24.99 on the website since it is a specialized book. I have sold some print copies for $15. I do have a few of those left.

    The book has been on the Nook for several years selling for $9.99. I have never had a sale from there. Thanks. Just so you guys know.

    Both of you are doing a wonderful job.



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