Guest Post: The Heart of Applebutter Hill, by Donna W. Hill


  1. Thank you for the share.

    1. You’re very welcome.

      It was quite good.

  2. Patty, thanks so much for sharing this with your friends. I appreciate it very much.

    1. Well you’re welcome but I’m rather perplexed, maybe you can straighten me out.

      I clicked the link for the APH listing. It showed the book, and gave me an option to add it to my list.

      I didn’t know I had a list and I couldn’t tell if it was on loan, to buy or what?

      Can you tell us all more about all the different ways to read or purchase the book in specialized formats?

      1. Patty, I probably should not have included that link. It’s a research library at APH. The copy they have is a print edition and researchers must come to the library to read it. They don’t lend it out. It was an honor to have them purchase my book for this purpose. I already had it in the list of my links that I found to send to Kevin.

        1. It had a call number, the ISPN number everything.

          1. It would, because it is a library, but it’s not a lending library. You have to go there and read there. All of the books have something to do with blindness.

          2. Well at some point or other I must’ve had dealings with them because I went back and had the same experience again.


        2. That’s weird.

          When I clicked it it went into “My List”

          When I clicked “My List” it showed up there. I did not have to put in a password or anything.

          So I’ve no idea.

          It showed something about it being available in Braille and Print.

          You might want to check into that.

          Click that link and see what it shows you.

          1. Patty, I looked at the page, and the only Mention of Braille was Under the “Subjects” heading. Under “Formats” it lists only regular print. If you want to know more about APH’s Migel Library, visit:

            I won’t include this link in the future. *grin*

          2. Yeah I misread it but I am registered there and I emailed them and they said what I’d done was to add it to a call list.

            They removed it.

            Never knew I had a call list.


          3. I am registered there due to a long ago matter.

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