guest post from Casey (WFH)

guest post from Casey (WFH)

*Reader’s Note!
Patty here, they say, it’s easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.
Well, Casey and I are testing my blog for problem spots in readyness for our guest posters who will take the wheel for providing content part of the time whilst I’m away and in doing so, Casey provides the following funny for you. Which I might add I don’t think he intended me to post. But it’s just to rich too keep!
Here’s Casey Mathews Virtual Tech Advisor and Research Assistance with more.

Saw this quote on the internet today. I had to share.

“Woke up to discover my toilet paper was updated overnight with a new improved user interface. It’s also completely incompatible with my screen reader. I tried swiping, but nothing happened. Called Tech Support, and they told me to just get a sighted person to wipe my ass.”


  1. Hey Patty. Can’t wait for the next time you need tech support. I’m not responsible for what happens after I hang up!

  2. Hahahaha!

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