Greetings from the Management of Games Galore and More

Greetings from the Management of Games Galore and More

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since we sent out a site wide email, and Since we’ve had a lot of changes on Games Galore and More, we thought we’d let you know about some of our activities and how you can keep informed and interact with us via email or by joining us on the site.

We have many fun and challanging games for you to participate in, such as, Jeopardy, for the trivia buffs among you, Word games, such as Password and Chain Reaction for those of you who fancy yourselves wordsmiths, music games, such as Sound of Music and Jukebox, where you have to identify the artist and title of song clips you listen to, and dice games, such as Zilch and Lucky Roll where you have the opportunity to win cash prizes.

For those of you who enjoy chatting, we offer general chats with topics that are both interesting and thought provoking.

And coming soon, we will hold our Song Auction, where your singing talents may be sold to the highest bidder. Our members record songs that are then unveiled on New Year’s Eve as part of our annual New Year’s party. This is one of the more popular and fun events on our site. You can listen to our last party by going to:

We have two email lists, the GGM Announcement list, which is an announce only list. You will receive a daily email detailing the next day’s events and activities. Sign up for the GGM Announcement list by sending a blank email to:


We also have an interactive list, GGM Babble where you can interact with our members and discuss topics of interest. You can sign up for the GGM Babble list by sending a blank email to:


If you have any problems accessing these email addresses, go to our site at:

and sign up through our web page, or,contact us at:

p>, or

We look forward to getting to know you and we hope you will enjoy the games and activities we have to offer.

Please note that clicking the link below is not an unsubscribe link from just emails, but you will be cancelling your membership with Games Galore and More. It is our intention to be helpful and informative. We are also sensitive to your time and remain committed to limiting our email to important news.

The Management Team

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