Good Sunday Morning

Good Sunday Morning

Good Sunday morning to all! I hope everyone is doing just awesome! Campbell and I are doing awesome this AM and hope you are

I do have some bad news. My Microsoft 365 account is suspended until first of month. My free trial ended and I do not currently have the money to renew it. So until first of month there will be certain things I’ll not be able to do. One of those will be The Neighborhood News. As soon as first of month comes I’ll fix my account and will put out a version which will include all of the advertising folks have sent unless it is no longer happening according to date etc. I’d very much appreciate it if folks would spread this message far and wide so that all my advertisers know of this.

If you’d like to donate to mine and Campbell’s work you may send a donation via PayPal via

This money will go for needed software updates, editing services, and related writing costs.

 Thanks and blessed be.

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