Good morning from Me and Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue #What’sUp

Good morning from Me and Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue #What’sUp

Good morning, I hope all are well.

Here, the coffee is hot, the mornings are cool, and that’s OK with me and Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue.

Blue woke me at 4 AM asking to go out. I couldn’t complain, because I have been encouraging him to drink a bit more in the evenings. For the past week or so, in the mornings he has been a bit nauseated, bringing up nothing much but bile. As I was talking with a friend about this issue, she told me how one of her dogs could get too hot and if he’d not had enough water he might do this too. I thought it over, then remembering something of Campbell’s similar troubles, I remembered that he would sometimes be sick at his stomach if it were too empty in the mornings. So, I devised a plan, I gave him part of his food at his regular feeding time. Then, I measured out the rest at bedtime and added a bit of water to the kibble.

I did this last night with Blue, so it was no surprise he wanted out at 4 rather than letting me sleep till 5 or 5:30 – Seeing Eye Park time, which my dogs never give up because I’m an early riser.

He did not throw up this morning and seemed happy as a clam. He’d been being a bit grumbly in the mornings so I’m hopeful this will work.

OK. I’m getting a notification that the ACB Presents the daily schedule community event is starting, so time to go.

Want to join us? write: community, put your name, your email and your request to be signed up for the schedule in the body of your email and away you go.

Want to join right here and now?

Call: 1-800-424-8666 follow the prompts to find today’s call in info.

I hope to see you there.

You may, also listen on ACB Media 5.

Say to your Amazon device, "Ask ACB Media 5"

OK I’m out! Remember, let the sunshine in!

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