Good awesome morning and thank you :-) dictating

Good awesome morning and thank you :-) dictating

Good awesome morning to all! I hope your day is fantastic πŸ™‚

I, would like to take a moment, to thank all of you for reading my blog.

Four, following, liking, and at times, sharing.

I would like to thank you for putting up with my tech trials, with my mishaps, and at times my rantings.

This blog, has grown, and it is not just because of me, what I right, or, the other blogs that I share here.

I am even learning how to dictate better as a result. I, and growing and learning, and so is this blog, and it is a lot to do with those who read, like, follow, and share.

So, good morning to you! Or, good evening to you, if, it is evening where you are.

I know, one thing I have learned πŸ™‚ that dictation works best, with a full Internet signal, not cell phone data, and, with a good cell signal! Now, I hope that dictation understood all these words correctly.

I am conducting experiments with dictation, Siri, etc. Unfortunately, Siri, and word press, do not work together. I, find this quite sad. Even come up with series quirkiness, I would still find it easier to use. I am learning to use it in my notes app, and it is wonderful when I am out and about to be able to take notes about things and go back, and use them later in my writings.

I see there are some mistakes here. I, I am going to leave them, and, compare this writing, to the last, that I did buy dictation. I, think it is better than the last.

You, the reader, can help me. I would love it if you give your feedback. Point out the mistakes, and let me know how much of this you were able to read and understand.

When, I have gathered enough data, I am going to submit my findings to Apple.

Most likely, they, will not care. But, I am a consumer to, and I know others, who are not sight impaired who use their dictation as well. They, too, wish it would work better.

How, many of you use your dictation. Speak out in the comments sections.

For now, I have a cup of coffee waiting. I have done my mornings exercises, I have had my first 24 ounces of water, and, it is time to enjoy my coffee.

Have a fantastic rest of your day, or night. Until next time, this is Patty, and the snoozing Campbell a.k.a. Bubba saying may harmony find you, and blessed might you be.

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