Goin’ Home by author Phyllis Staton Campbell #TuesdayTeaser

Goin’ Home by author Phyllis Staton Campbell #TuesdayTeaser

“Goin’ Home

By Phyllis Staton Campbell


Pastor Jim, blinded in Iraq, and his wife Amy settle down after the storm that has almost destroyed the town, only to find that the most peaceful garden can harbor a serpent. The town is thrown into chaos, when a mass killer is returned home to die after fifty years in prison. The town is divided and they find themselves in the middle.

There is humor when the new church secretary confuses names, and sends the hearse to pick up a dog. A country music singer appears on the scene, and Jim learns a secret from the past.

For readers who enjoy the Mitford series by Jan Karon.


  • The clock on the mantel struck twelve, sounding like a gong in the quiet room. A dog barked in the distance, and the clock on the tower at Farmers’ and Merchants’ Bank, announced the time, and began to play “Abide With Me.”

The sheriff moved restlessly. “Daddy,” he said, speakingsoftly, “we’re holding these folks up. You insisted on coming along on this unofficial visit, saying that you could best explain what the town’s in for, so, why don’t we tell them, and get along.

  • “If taking justice in their own hands feels right, they do it, and plenty of folks didn’t want to wait for the law.”

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