Gmail Account Issues, Retro-grade Warning!: Please Read and Share

Gmail Account Issues, Retro-grade Warning!: Please Read and Share

Good morning everyone.

At least I think it’s good.

First, I woke at 2 A. M. and couldn’t get back to sleep.

So, as is my way, after dancing with the pillows for a bit I got up, made my way to the coffee-pot, and then once coffee was to hand, I came to my recliner and computer for the morning’s mail.

I set up my computer, started it up, and heard the JAWS talking screen reader’s voice say “JAWS for Windows.”

This meant that the computer was on, fully up and running, and the JFW software was functioning. So, I expected no problem.

Humph! Wrong!

When I opened my email, I got a rude greeting.

Now, let me stop here, and give you a tad bit of back-story.

Yesterday morning, when I’d exited my email program, then later re-entered my email program for some strange reason it began asking me for my user name and password.

Well, I’ve had this happen a few times, due to my using my phone’s hotspot, and this causing my computer to appear at times as if it’s not what it is, and so I entered all the info, made sure all settings were correct, and signed back in.

I finished reading email, exited out, and being caught up for the afternoon, decided to read a while.

From time to time I did check and respond to mail, but I did so via way of my phone simply because there was not much to be done, and so I knew nothing of a problem.

Then last evening it stormed, and so I didn’t return to my computer before bed.

This morning when I turned on my system and entered into my email program, I found that my Google account has been locked.

I tried to reset my password, and though I followed all the recovery steps, it refuses to allow me access.

Now, I cannot at all explain this and furthermore, cannot understand how come, if it won’t allow me access from this computer, it will still allow me access from my phone, but that appears to be the case.

Of course it’s a weekend, and it’s going to be hard to deal with this problem.


I will still be able to get email, and respond to it, and all other things are functioning normally on my computer, at least so far.

So, since it is the weekend, and other than tomorrow’s Saturday Surprise, which I can handle just fine, there’s not much else needing done, except I need to get some writing done, read a book for a book club and finish the current client book I’m reading, which is a surprise that I’ll not reveal until I’m done I’m not going to worry too much about this issue.

I’ve had the trouble before and it is because of using the Hotspot.

I can do nothing about this issue. It’s not that I cannot afford internet service, it is due to the fact that Spectrum, was to have assisted me with signing up for paperless billing, they did not complete the process, and so I missed a bill, then they turned it off, and the cost of paying off what I owe, along with reconnection fees is more than I can put my hands on, and so I’m stuck with this.

Well, anyhow, if I’m slow to respond, or if you don’t hear from me vea way of my Gmail email address, another email for me is: So don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For now, this is Patty, who is only slightly technically frustrated, and King Campbell Lee Super Part-time/Cemi-retired Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A. Bubba who wishes to heck his mother did not suffer from sleeping issues, and would stay in bed with him saying…

There are planets in retrograde, and we were warned of communication issues. So relax and go with the flow.

May harmony find you, and blessid may you be.

Peace out!




  1. Patty, it’s possible the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk could help you with your email issue on your computer. Several months ago when I got Office 365, I had trouble logging into my gmail account with Outlook. The agent remoted into my computer and set up Outlook for me. It’s worth a try. I hope that helps.

    1. Probably going to have to do that. Thanks.

      Get Outlook for iOS


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