Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors.

This afternoon I’d like to talk with you about giving and receiving feedback.

First, when giving feedback start out with the positives of what someone is doing. Always try and find something good to say about what it is they’re doing no matter how bad it might be.

Next, when giving the negatives of what it is they’re doing that you’re critiquing try to be polite, and give examples of how they might make it better.

Now, receiving feedback.

If you’re going to ask people for their feedback, then be ready to get it, and don’t waste your time or theirs arguing with them about why you do what you do or did what you did.

Rather, take it like an adult, put your heart on a shelf and be willing to hear what is being said, and furthermore be willing to work to make it better.

When your audience tells you, something isn’t working for them, and gives you reasons why, don’t send them back a bunch of gobbledy goop about what they’re doing wrong. If you can, give them a better option, and if not then simply apologize to them for the lack of resolution and move on.

I’ve just spent the better part of the day arguing with someone who not only asked for feedback but hired me to give it and I must say by the time I was done with the situation I did allow a couple of my buttons to be pushed.

Though I started out doing all the things I’ve suggested here in this post when giving my feedback, by the time I was done listening to all their excuses, and dealing with their refusal to act in a professional way, I was no longer able to be professional and so before I totally lost it I had the sense to walk away.

Ladies and gents let me just add that I work hard at what I do. I’m not perfect at it and I make plenty of mistakes.


When someone writes me and tells me there are things wrong with what I’m doing, and especially when they tell me what I’m doing doesn’t work for them, I will if possible, go out of my way to fix the problem.

If I’ve asked you for your feedback you won’t get a bunch of whining and puling from me.

What you will get is reasonable discussion, with me asking lots of intelligent questions as to how I can make what I’m doing better.

I’m in quite a snit now and so am going to take the rest of the evening to unwind and wait to hear from a friend of mine who is dealing with some pretty hard issues themselves.

For now, this is Patty who is just nearly ready to toss out her promotional business and run away to join the upcoming summer carnivals, and King Campbell who says he aint doing no stinking tricks, saying…

May harmony find you, and when it does, please share some with me.


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