Getting Sidetracked – A Creepy Poetic Partial Book Review – Plus a Book Giveaway

Getting Sidetracked – A Creepy Poetic Partial Book Review – Plus a Book Giveaway

Getting Sidetracked – A Creepy Poetic Partial Book Review – Plus a Book Giveaway

By Patty L. Fletcher

November 25, 2023


This is being emailed and posted to multiple places, if it repeats, please forgive, and find the nearest delete button.

Earlier this weekend, I told a friend of mine, I was going back to reading Dune Messiah but before I did that, I made the mistake of going to the NLS (National Library Services for the Blind) Website to have a look through the huge library of books housed there. To be totally honest, I spend tons of time in the quietude of the night browsing through the immense selections. Sometimes never downloading a thing, just relishing the thrill of being privileged to have the ability to browse all the titles there. If I were to be given eternal life, I’m not sure I could read them all. Maybe but it would be a wonderful lifetime of enjoyment.

Anyhow, while there I became totally sidetracked when I found:

Dragon tears DB35893

Koontz, Dean R, (Dean Ray). Reading time: 12 hours, 50 minutes.

Read by Bob Askey.

Suspense Fiction


Detectives Harry Lyon and Connie Gulliver, who are on a mission to fight corruption, encounter a respectable-looking man who enters a diner and suddenly peppers the room with bullets. While investigating, Harry is approached by a strange man who predicts Harry and others will be dead by dawn. Harry begins to wonder if he is dealing with a case of possession. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. Bestseller.

I’m twelve percent into this book and already creeped out more than I’ve been since reading Holly by Stephen King. The suspense factor is also off the chart. I guess Dune is going to have to do without me a little longer. This is definitely going to have me reading from beginning to end.

I must warn you there are bullets, explosions, guts, and gore right from the start. This is not a book for the faint of heart. But if you like to read from the edge of your seat, this is a book which cannot be beat.


Before I return to the creepiest book of 2023 as far as my reading is concerned, let me tell you a secret.

I’m giving away three more copies of The Blended Lives Chronicles: Sides of the Order. Here’s a taste to wet your whistle. Make sure to keep reading after to see how to enter. Formats to choose from are, Kindle, or PDF.


From Chapter Three: The Decision.

As he reached the door to the secret meeting chamber, he thought, Because, once again, I’m being a selfish bastard, but I love her.

Suddenly a premonition of pure evil struck. Derrick was gripped with the urge to turn and run, to grab Laya and King and take them far away. He wanted to shelter Laya from all the danger his loving her against The Order’s wishes could bring. He took a deep breath to calm himself as his hand fell upon the door. The handprint recognition released the lock, and he pushed his way through.

From Chapter Six: Blocked.

As he concentrated on the skyway ahead, my emotions swirled, the storm raged, the flow of traffic became more intense, and a nondescript hovercraft slid unseen behind us.

From Chapter Seven: The Order’s Betrayal.

“Is Randall corrupt or is he just pretending to be to get more information?”

Terrence turned to answer, but before he could, an explosion rocked the transport.

“What in all Hells?”

Derrick glanced back and saw a craft bearing down on them. “Jeez man, go! Go! They’re going to catch us. They’ve already blown a hole in the back.”

As Derrick reached for Laya, a bright blue flash blinded him, and he suddenly could not move. A moment later the transport was falling. As it went down, Laya began to scream. “Nooo! Derrick! Help me!”

The transport hit the ground and burst into flames. When Derrick and Terrence crawled out of the wreckage moments later, Laya was gone.

“Where is she? What have they done? Gods, do they have her?” Derrick started back to the transport.

But Terrence, grabbing his arms, stopped him. “You can’t, man, it’s gone. She’s gone. She wasn’t in there. That light, it was their transporter beam. They stunned us and took her right out of your arms. I’m sorry.”

Derrick, looking up, had just enough time to see the Order’s transport leave the atmosphere. Then, flames reached the fuel tanks of Terrence’s transport, and an explosion ripped through the night.

*** Enter the Giveaway***

Entering this giveaway is easy as eating your favorite holiday leftovers. Simply leave a comment on the post if reading on the blog or reply to the email you received on a group or in your private email letting me know you read the post. You will be placed in a drawing for a free digital copy of the book.

The contest ends 11:59 PM eastern November 27, 2023.

Please share with your friends. Remember, books make great gifts.

Also, keep reading to see the cover with description and some secret portals, below.

Happy holidays. May Harmony find You and Blessid Be.



About the Book

Lady Laya MoonWalker is a well respected author and magazine owner and a high priestess in the magickal community. After a drawn-out battle with the forces of dark magik, she has come into her own. She lives and works on Planet Korponious, where she is the owner and creator of an Interplanetary Magazine called “Blended Lives Chronicles.” Her mission is to blend the lines of race, creed, and disability that separate so many and to elevate the recognition of the training and ability of Service Animals of all kinds to a new level. She has just been accepted into the Blended Lives Federation and now hopes to continue her work in a way like nothing known to her before.

Laya has created allot of wreckage along the way through her dark journey into the light, and now she wishes to set this to right. She has just received her best break ever. Frank Prince, the CEO of The Blended Lives Learning Center, has invited her to the Celtic New Year Convention and Witches Ball as a reporter to write a story on the progress of The Blended Lives Planetary Federation. She will be their guest speaker at the opening ceremonies.

When Laya arrives at the Celtic Convention, she finds herself face to face with an old and dear friend, Blended Lives Learning Center Instructor and member of the Order of the Night, Derrick Gibbous. As they begin to connect, causing old sparks to reignite, they are tossed into a nasty battle from which not everyone will escape. People are not as they seem, and not everyone supports the side for which they appear to work.

As their love for one another grows, so does the battle. Despite everything, Laya and Derrick are determined to see their work to unite beings of all kinds succeed.

The cover is a deep, candy apple red, with the title, The Blended Lives Chronicles: Sides of the Order at the top in white text. At the bottom is the author’s name, Patty L. Fletcher, also typed in white. Above the author’s name and below the title of the book is a white skeleton key, taking up about 3/4 of the cover space.

The spine of the cover features a white crescent moon on the top left corner of a white number one roman numeral. Below that is the title of the book, followed by the author’s name at the bottom of the spine.

A note from Patty and Laya.

A Letter to Readers

Hi there!

Thanks for reading this book to its end.

Shame on you if you peeked at the end before reading. That’s cheating! You’d best get yourselves back to the beginning, or else you’re liable to receive a visit from a member of the Order. Or worse, High Priestess Lady Laya MoonWalker herself.

I suppose I should answer the question many are asking, “Why haven’t you written the second installment of your Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed memoir trilogy?”

All I can say is, the truth is still too raw to tell. I thought I was ready. I even started writing chapters and putting them on the blog but when I got no real response from readers there, I gave it up for a bad job and decided to have some fun.

I’m sure, there are those of you who know me well that see the parallels between Sides of the Order and How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life. I suppose, in some ways you’re right, but I caution this is truly fiction. I simply wrote what I knew, which is the rule when writing anything. Everyone who writes fiction uses some known variable from their own lives.

I promise to return to reality someday but for now, I’m happy telling the tale of Laya and Derrick. In fact, as of this writing, I’m three chapters into the second installment of The Blended Lives Chronicles. I’m hopeful of releasing it in the fall of 2024. There are a lot of things which go into writing a series though, and of course sometimes life steps in the way so no promises, OK? I promise to try though, and I hope that will be enough.

If, however, you’d like a look into that second book, there is a portal you may open if you dare.

About the time I was sending the first draft of Sides of the Order off to my editor Dawn, I saw a call-to-action notice from a fellow writer. Kaye Lynne Booth of WordCrafter Press wanted dark fantasy short stories for an anthology called Midnight Roost she and her fellow authors were doing. I, feeling quite restless because the characters in Sides of the Order wouldn’t shut up and behave, had begun toying with what would happen next.

Deciding to take a chance, I polished up what I’d done so far, sent it off, and waited to see what might happen.

To my delighted surprise, Kaye wrote back the very next day saying, “I believe this story has potential. If you’re willing to put in the work required to flesh it out, I’d like to have it in the anthology.”

Naturally, I was over the moon. Derrick and Laya were restless and bored, they were wreaking havoc with my sleep, so I was happy to give them something to do.

Soon the characters were once again doing as they pleased rather than as I told them and darn good thing too. Left to my own devices, Casualties of War might never have happened, let alone ended up in Kaye’s anthology.

If you’ve been good, and truly have read Sides of the Order, you have permission to enter. If you cheat, and read onward before doing so, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

To pick up your copy of Midnight Roost containing Casualties of War as well as many other terrifically terrifying tales, visit the following link.

By now, some of you are wondering, “Can’t Derrick and Laya ever have any fun?”

Well, being a series junkie, unbelievably, I’ve an answer for you.

In Christmas of 2022, Laya and Derrick slipped off for a while and if you’d like to see where they went and what they got up to, pick up a copy of the Visions Anthology and enjoy “The Portal Brings Christmas Love.”

Visit: There are a lot of other twisted and terrifying tales to enjoy as well.

Before I go, I’d like to invite you to the various worlds in which I live. I and my writerly friends spend quite a bit of time here. If you’d like to join us, please make sure to visit:

I love hearing from my readers so, while you’re there, drop me a note to let me know what you think of Sides of the Order and the anthologies. I promise to write back.

Well, Derrick is yammering again, let’s see what he’s to say.

“What’s that? Layas disappeared again. All Right. I’m coming.”

Thanks again for reading. May Harmony find You, and Blessid Be.

*Reference Link*

To learn more about NLS see:

NLS Bard – Library of Congress

Library of Congress (.gov)

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Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.

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