Getting Out of My Own Way a Lesson Learned and a Book Giveaway

Getting Out of My Own Way a Lesson Learned and a Book Giveaway

Getting Out of My Own Way a Lesson Learned and a Book Giveaway

By Patty L. Fletcher

November 27,2023

“I’m so tired of never being able to afford the things I want to do!” I yelled at the air. I was once again feeling frustrated with my financial situation. The American Council Of The Blind Online holiday auction was only a few days away and I knew if I were going to register to participate, I’d need to decide soon. I could see no need in doing so if I were not going to be able to bid, there were Clubhouse and ACB Media to listen to the fun if I weren’t going to join in on the bidding but there were things on the list of items I truly wanted.

Sinking down into my recliner I wiped my tears away and begin to pray, “Mother Father God!” I exclaimed, “Why are things always so hard? Why is there so much lack?”

As the words left my lips my phone began reading a notification from my email and as I listened, I was reminded the day was one for attracting more of what you had. I realized with some alarm my attitude was part of the problem. I was sitting there putting all that lack Vibe out into the air and was just as certain that was causing more lack to come my way as any other thing I might be doing.

“OK. Sorry I’ll try and do better.” I prayed. Then, getting up I began walking around the small apartment I live in touching things I was grateful for. Fairly soon I had a whole apartment of things to be glad for and then a thought struck.

“What am I doing that I could stop doing that would allow me more of a budget for times like these?” Sitting back down in my chair, I picked up my phone, opened the note taker app and began listing things I spent money on each month besides, rent, phone, internet, and food. Soon I had quite a list. Then I began marking off things I either did not need at all or that were being duplicated by subscribing to similar services. After a while I saw several ways, I could save money so my budget would be a bit bigger than before. I also knew that if I were incredibly careful, planned out a strategy set myself a limit and stuck to it like glue I could at the very least bid.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I said as I filled out the form for registering.

Later that very day, my dad came over and before he left, he gave me a little money to have on hand saying, “Here’s your birthday money, it’s late but I hope you enjoy it.”

“I’ll get myself something with it.” I said, smiling to myself as I shut the door behind him. Turning from the door I said, “Thanks Mother Father God I needed the attitude adjustment.”

Once Blue was settled for the evening I sat down at the computer and read through the complete list of auction items. I marked a couple on the sneak a peek appetizer auction list and a couple of things on the main auction list. I made up my mind that if I got the things I wanted from the sneak a peek list I would not bid on the others unless I somehow managed to stay within my limit. At first, I thought I could only afford a certain amount, then later in the night I looked at my TV cable bill, saw the stupid thing was going up again and decided.

“I barely watch this TV cable junk. Most of what I watch I stream. I’m turning that off.” That train of thought led me to my subscription pages, and I was astonished to learn how many of them I subscribed to and worse they also duplicated services and shows. After slicing some of that fat out too I realized that if I were very careful, I could raise my bidding limit just a tad or two and as I snuggled under the covers to sleep, I once again gave thanks, asked for strength to hold fast to my self-imposed rules and take a chance. The worst that could happen was that I would walk away with nothing which I already had. Or I could get a blessing and land a prize.

After the sneak a peek auction was over and I’d scored nothing, I said, “OK kid, you done good. You did not go over your limit. You got nothing for your trouble but to realize you could exercise self-control, but this too is good. So, let’s see what the morrow brings.”

When the auction began, I sat with myself muted listening as item after item was bid on. I made no move. The things I wanted had not come up for bid yet. Then, the first one I wanted was called. I joined the bidding war but when the bid went higher than I wanted to spend on one thing I decided to let someone else take the pries muted myself and sat waiting for another item I wanted to come on the scene.

Suddenly I heard a virtual wine tasting event with two bottles of wine tossed in for good measure and I wanted it. I wanted it very much. Whispering a soft prayer and hoping it was OK to do so I unmuted myself and joined in the fray. Just when I thought I’d bid my last, I suddenly heard myself calling out, “Patty Fletcher 130.00 dollars.” The Zoom room grew silent, the auctioneer called “130 going once, 130 going twice,” and as I held my breath he said, “Sold for 130.00 dollars to Patty Fletcher.”

“Thank you!” I called, at least I think I called, muted, and decided if that was all I went away with it was a freaking good haul.

Other items I wanted came and went. I joined in when there were things I truly wanted and the first time I bid on an Echo Dot it went to someone else.

“Drat!” I grumped once I’d muted myself again, “My Alexa is growing senile. She has started giving incorrect info and twice now has caused me to get important days mixed up. I must have one.”

I waited, silently cheering others on until the next item I wanted came on the scene. I was a little afraid to try as it was an Echo Show, and I knew those were a bit pricey. I’d gone and looked online to see what the things I wanted cost before entering the auction, but I had to try.

The bidding was going fast and furious. I was about to give up when once again I checked my math and my budget, just in the nick of time I sang out, “Patty Fletcher, 190.00 dollars.” Once again, the room grew silent and once again the auctioneer called out the going once, going twice warning, then to my disbelieving ears I heard, “Sold for 190.00 dollars to Patty Fletcher.”

Before I knew what I’d done I shouted, “Yeehaw!”

Embarrassing? A little but I was too darned excited to care. Suddenly I realized I was crying and quickly muted myself so no one would know.

Leaping up and finding Blue bouncing on his toes by my chair excited by my gleeful shouts I grabbed his paws stood him up and we danced a jig round the apartment.

Once I’d calmed a bit I quickly closed myself out of that room and went to join my friends in the ACB Clubhouse room and was welcomed in with happy congratulatory hellos.

Later as I walked Blue in the chilly night air for his last relief I stood under the tree in the yard and prayed,

“Thank you for the sun. Thank you now this day is done, all my needs, my wants and even my desires they’re met. Thank you for what I have and for what I have not yet. Thank you when this day is through, I will still be me and you will still be you. Light my path. Guide my way. Give me what to do and say. As I will it. As you will it. As we will it. Blessid Be.”

I’d learned another lesson. One I should’ve already known, and I suppose I did know but was too busy feeling sorry for myself and blaming others for problems I was causing myself to know. I’d been standing in my own way. I could justify all that other stuff I’d gotten rid of if I tried. Had been doing so but now I saw the only real obstacle standing between me and what I really wanted was me.

I have some serious goals for this coming year, one is to truly begin making my living from my writing and I know if I work harder than ever before, cut things out which stand in my way no matter what they might be, I can make it so.

To do this day…

Take a chance, ask yourself what it is you want. Then ask yourself and answer honestly, “What am I doing to keep myself from having this?” Then be braver than you’ve ever been before, figure it out and get it out of your path. Once you do anything is possible.

We’ve heard it said that our creator gives us everything we need to be as successful as we wish. Though some have a harder time obtaining it than others it is all there for our use if we’re willing to reach for it and do what is needed to have it. I am 56 years old. I have decided each day is more precious than the last and there are things I want. I have also decided I can have them.

What about you? Are there things you want in your life that you do not have? Are you willing to be honest with yourself and brave enough to do what it takes to see your dreams come true?

If you’d like to talk about that you may leave a comment or reach out to me via way of the email Patty link on the blog.

For now, I’d like to invite you to enter a book giveaway. See below for more.

Entering this giveaway is easy as eating your favorite holiday leftovers. Simply leave a comment on the post if reading on the blog or reply to the email you received on a group or in your private email letting me know you read the post. You will be placed in a drawing for a free digital copy of the book.

The contest ends 11:59 PM eastern November 27, 2023.

Please share with your friends. Remember, books make great gifts.

Also, keep reading to see the cover with description and some secret portals, below.

Happy holidays. May Harmony find You and Blessid Be.




About the Book

The cover is a deep, candy apple red, with the title, The Blended Lives Chronicles: Sides of the Order at the top in white text. At the bottom is the author’s name, Patty L. Fletcher, also typed in white. Above the author’s name and below the title of the book is a white skeleton key, taking up about 3/4 of the cover space.

The spine of the cover features a white crescent moon on the top left corner of a white number one roman numeral. Below that is the title of the book, followed by the author’s name at the bottom of the spine.

Lady Laya MoonWalker is a well respected author and magazine owner and a high priestess in the magickal community. After a drawn-out battle with the forces of dark magik, she has come into her own. She lives and works on Planet Korponious, where she is the owner and creator of an Interplanetary Magazine called “Blended Lives Chronicles.” Her mission is to blend the lines of race, creed, and disability that separate so many and to elevate the recognition of the training and ability of Service Animals of all kinds to a new level. She has just been accepted into the Blended Lives Federation and now hopes to continue her work in a way like nothing known to her before.

Laya has created allot of wreckage along the way through her dark journey into the light, and now she wishes to set this to right. She has just received her best break ever. Frank Prince, the CEO of The Blended Lives Learning Center, has invited her to the Celtic New Year Convention and Witches Ball as a reporter to write a story on the progress of The Blended Lives Planetary Federation. She will be their guest speaker at the opening ceremonies.

When Laya arrives at the Celtic Convention, she finds herself face to face with an old and dear friend, Blended Lives Learning Center Instructor and member of the Order of the Night, Derrick Gibbous. As they begin to connect, causing old sparks to reignite, they are tossed into a nasty battle from which not everyone will escape. People are not as they seem, and not everyone supports the side for which they appear to work.

As their love for one another grows, so does the battle. Despite everything, Laya and Derrick are determined to see their work to unite beings of all kinds succeed.

About Patty L. Fletcher

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.

Follow her for book information and more here:


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