Dear GDUI Members and Friends,
Two Important Deadlines Rapidly Approaching This Coming Week End! The first is the last possible date for you to get your application in to be chosen as one of two to receive a substantial stipend to help you with expenses associated with attending the GDUI Convention. That deadline is Saturday, April 15! (This year, you won’t have to get your tax return in on April 15, but your application for the GDUI Convention First-Timers’ Award needs to be turned into the committee by the end of that day!) Find all of the details here,,
and good luck! We can hardly wait to meet you in our GDUI Suite and hand you the money that so many generous GDUI members and friends raised to bring you to our convention!

The second deadline is the next day, April 16! That’s the last day for submitting questions for our GDUI Candidates’ Forums! You may email questions for the candidates, to the Nominating Committee Chairperson, Dixie Sanderson, by April 16, 2017, with the subject field, “candidate questions.” Her email is: .

GDUI will hold two membership forums to interview the candidates running in this election, as well as hear about the proposed amendments to our bylaws. The first one will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2017, beginning at 1:00 P. M. (EDT) and the second will be held on Thursday, May 11, 2017, beginning at 8:00 P. M. (EDT). The call-in number for both forums will be 712.432.0075, Access code: 919245#.

Each forum will be recorded for playback via telephone, Drop Box or Send Space. The playback number is 712.432.1085. The April 29 forum recording will be available only until the May 11 forum is recorded.

Learn all about our two excellent candidates, Brianna Murray and Maria Kristic, and about the four proposed bylaws amendments at the Candidates Forums, and via e-mail and postal mail which has been distributed to all GDUI members eligible to vote in our May election, and on our web site, gdui-election-news-2017/. Congratulations to Brianna and Maria, and thank you both for stepping up to run for a Director’s seat and for working so hard for GDUI and all the issues that are so close to all of our hearts.

Handling those dreadful times when we’re denied services because we’re traveling with our guide dogs can certainly be challenging. Even though most of us know that dissolving in a river of tears won’t alleviate the problem or counter the discrimination, it’s still hard when we’re taken by surprise and shock at an unanticipated refusal of service to know exactly what to do, where to complain, how to help ourselves and educate the ignorant! Pick up some valuable tips from Jenine Stanley and Nolan Crabb when you listen to this month’s GDUI Juno Report! The program is available every month on Friday evening at
8:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on ACB Radio, and thereafter as a podcast! Check it out. The next time a restaurant manager or an Uber driver gives you a hard time, you’ll be better prepared, and better able to cope! Find the GDUI Juno Report podcasts on ACB Radio, here:

The GDUI Program Committee is dotting the last of the I’s and crossing the last of the t’s as they ready the final GDUI Convention Program to share with you! Many of us are already scanning the internet for affordable air fares and making our hotel reservations at the Nugget.
Here are dates and times and preliminary information:
 Sunday, July 2, 2017  – Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at the Nugget Casino Resort in  Sparks, Nevada. Don’t miss out on the fun! Make your hotel reservations today!  Room rates at the Nugget are $89 single or double; there is an additional $10.00 per night charge per person for up to four people per room.  Applicable state and local taxes are currently 13.4%.  When you make your reservation, one night’s stay will be charged to your credit card.

To make reservations via telephone call
1.800.648.1177, and ask for Group Code GACB17.

The hotel shuttle provides complimentary ground transportation from the Reno airport to the Nugget, and the airport will be staffed, as usual, by Margarine Beaman and her cadre of helpful volunteers.
To assist airline personnel and Margarine and her volunteers please provide the following information:
Your name, the name of the airline you will be arriving on, your departure city, arrival Flight number, arrival date and time, departure airline, departure date, departure time, and your Cell phone number.

 send Margarine an e-mail with “airline information” in the subject line at Or, call her at 512.921.1625.

Convention highlights include our famous GDUI Suite, a live auction this year, a game night that combines poker and pups in unique ways, the ACB-GDUI walk, a mock trial where attendees serve as jurors, the GDUI Breakfast Club at Rosie’s Café, Carla’s famous canine massages, a nearly life-size plush Golden guide dog to bring home with you if yours is the winning raffle ticket, the always popular guide dog schools updates, and so much more! Keep track of all the convention information, including lists of auction items coming soon here:

Remember, April is the month for scheduling a free eye exam for your guide dog! The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) will again be conducting free eye exams for qualifying service dogs during the month of May, 2017. Registration is open from April 1 through April 30, 2017 at

Here’s an “inspiring” message from GDUI Board Member, Charlie Crawford,  and his Seeing Eye Dog, Razen: Enjoy Charlie’s message, and then go to the web address he provides and either sign up as a GDUI Mushers Walker or donate in the name of Charlie or Deanna or Willow and me or anyone else who has joined the team! And thank you!

Hello GDUI!
Yup, it’s time to hup hup and make some money for GDUI to go forward on our activities and goals!  This time, Charlie Crawford, that’s me, registered as a virtual walker in the ACB Brenda Dillon memorial walk coming up this summer at the ACB convention.  We’ve created a team called the GDUI Mushers and I need to ask you huskies to join up on the sled team and let’s get moving on the trail to a much brighter future for both ACB and GDUI!

I have set a hefty goal for fund raising since it will take some gold for the GDUI Mushers to bring home!  Yukon King and I were talking with Razen and we figure ten thousand for ACB and ten thousand for GDUI is what we will need to bring in a total of twenty thousand! Are you thinking I am going out of my mind and we can’t do that! Of course we can! Look at it this way: Bill Gates goes to the GDUI Mushers page and writes a donation of $40,000.  No big deal to him and we get twice what we wanted.  Now being serious, we could get a thousand people to donate $20 each or maybe two thousand people to donate ten bucks each, or even four thousand people to donate five dollars each and tada, we got it!!!

Lastly, let me say two things.  First, if a whole bunch of people check out the GDUI Mushers page and donate a whole bunch of loot, then we will go beyond the goal and wouldn’t that be cool!  Second, here’s what you need to do.

Bring up your favorite internet browser and go to
 and hit the donate button to make your donation!  That’s it!  No muss, no fuss.  Only one more thing: share this message with everyone you know because together we go places and alone it is a whole lot harder.

So big woof woofs from my little Razen in the sun and she says you get a million wags for every $20 you give!  Of course you are free to donate any amount and whether big or small, it comes from your heart and it is really appreciated!

I’d ask you to get busy and go to the page, but naaah, that Ain’t right and your dogs would not understand it, big smile.  So I’ll just say see you at
 and please give what you feel you can do for ACB and GDUI!
 Charlie Crawford, GDUI Mushers Captain and my little Razen in the sun whose sending lots of wags and wiggles out to you and your pups!

BookShare needs your help! If you, like me and so many others who are blind or visually impaired, rely on BookShare for an amazing, constantly updating selection of reading materials, please answer this call to action and contact your Congresspersons to tell them what a valuable service BookShare provides, not only to all of us grown-ups who love to read, but also to thousands and thousands of school-age print-disabled children who rely on BookShare for accessible textbooks. BookShare’s funding is in grave jeopardy. Please help by going to this web site and writing to your Representatives and

Finally, we want to announce a Survey Request for which your input as guide dog users will be particularly helpful. researchers are studying the experiences of people who have had a vision impairment for at least 5 years and rely on technologies that provide sound output (e.g., GPS, talking watches, VoiceOver on iPhone, sonic canes, crosswalks with sounds) when they are out and about in their communities. We are most concerned with how easy or difficult it is to hear the sounds from these technologies. We are recruiting adults who:
• are 18 years or older • have had vision impairment for at least 5 years • use sound output technologies to independently get around in their communities multiple times during a week; and • can understand and speak/read/write English without any difficulty. To complete our survey, please go to the following link: If you prefer an alternative to the electronic survey or have questions about participating in this research project, please contact Dr. Carrie Bruce at .
Carrie Bruce, PhD, CCC-SLP Senior Research Scientist, School of Interactive Computing Research Director, Master’s Program in Human-Computer Interaction Georgia Institute of Technology 85 Fifth St. NW – Room 346 | Atlanta, GA 30318 Office:

Until we arrive in your In Box again with more information about GDUI events and concerns, enjoy the beautiful springtime weather, and thank you for your friendship and support.
Penny Reeder, President
Guide Dog Users, Inc.

Deanna Noriega, First Vice President
Guide Dog Users, Inc.

Call us, toll-free, at  866.799.8436
Like and visit us on Facebook: Follow us at Twitter: @GDUInc

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Enter the Access Code 488062 followed by the number sign. When prompted, enter the Reference Code, No. 1. The recording will remain available until it is replaced by a recording of the next GDUI Announcement. Please share this information with friends who may not have access to the internet. Thank you. We look forward to sharing information with all of our GDUI members and friends.
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