[GDUI-Announce] GDUI 2016 Convention Program Recordings Now Available Online!

[GDUI-Announce] GDUI 2016 Convention Program Recordings Now Available Online!


Patty and King Campbell here to invite you to listen learn like comment and share!

Dear GDUI Members and Friends,
We are so pleased to let you know that our GDUI convention recordings
are now available on our web site, here:

We want to thank ACB’s President and Board of Directors for
authorizing ACB Radio to record our program; Larry Turnbull, Managing
Director of ACB Radio, and his amazing and energetic staff who worked
so hard to record GDUI’s program; and our fabulous web master, Steve
Zelaya, and several volunteers who spent much of this week end making
the recordings available to all of you.

If you couldn’t come to the GDUI convention, or there were just too
many choices available and you had to sacrifice attending some of our
program segments in favor of other amazing events occurring at the ACB
convention, or if you simply want to re-visit the Guide Dog Schools
Round-Up, or Julia Marks’ discussion of the pending Uber settlement,
or any of our program segments, please feel free to download any or
all of them – at no cost – and to share their content with friends and


Penny Reeder, President
Guide Dog Users, Inc.
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