Fundraiser with Dan Thompson

Fundraiser with Dan Thompson


Patty and Campbell here, with a most fascinating friend, that we’d, like to introduce to you.

His name is Dan, and he’s got an idea that we think is absolutely out-of-sight!

Without further delay! We give you…

Dan Thompson!


Dan Thompson

Hi, my name is, Dan Thompson

I am attempting to help disabled individuals to become more employable, keep existing jobs and enhance independence and/or self-esteem

I am a retired totally blind Assistive Technology Teacher after working in the field for 30 years and using Assistive Technology since the 1970’s.

Below is a list of items I am attempting to make available. 

Ten Victor Reader Treks stream New Generations: This is a GPS, book storage, and recording device all in one.

Cost $599.00 each, if, ordered before October. $700.00 if ordered after October.


Total cost of $5990.00 before October or 7,000.00 after October.


5 Blaze Ez Hand held digital recorder and scanner @ $600.00 each or $3,000.00


Five Braille writers from Perkins School for the Blind:  $800.00 times five equals $4,000.00

Ten boxes of braille paper for $29.00 a box and $290.00 dollars for ten boxes.

Ten slate and styluses at $15.00 each or a total of $150.00.

Five laptops @ $700.00 each equals $3,500.00

I directly contact all recipients receiving equipment and provide one on one free training, and they must prove competency on the device before they may take their computer or assistive tech device home.  

Since I’ve started the ASPIRE Go Fund Me Campaign in May 2017, eleven individuals between ages 30 and 65 have now experienced fundamental changes in their lives.  Three who were afraid to leave their apartments are now exploring the neighborhood with the help of GPS devices designed specifically for blind and low vision persons.  The other seven are either volunteering in their community, have returned to taking college classes, or significantly gained new independence around their homes. 

Words will not express my gratitude for all those who were instrumental in making these dreams come true via financial or equipment donations.

I’ve been asked questions such as…

“why bother with those over 55, They should just retire and enjoy life.  They had their chance.”


“Isn’t there a grant for that?”

“Perhaps you are trying to help the wrong people.  If they couldn’t make it in college or find a job, how can ASPIRE help.”

My answer is both personal and conviction.

In 1973, I was told it would be a waste of state funding to send me to college. I was reaching for a dream totally out of my ability.

Fortunately, God blessed me with a wrestling coach, who installed a “never quit” attitude. The greatest power of encouragement in this world was my Wife who also never gave up on me.

Five years later, a new Rehab Counselor who believed in the impossible took a chance. College was finished with honors projects taken in every class.  Thirty-five years later, I am joyfully retired and trying to give back.

Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves and/or enjoy live to the highest level of their potential. Perhaps the right conditions were not in place or opportunities made available for a person to
“aspire” and do the impossible in their life.

As a youth and on into my adulthood, I confess to frequently wondering just how could I ever make any significant change that would matter much in this world?  “It can not  be done” was heard some many times, I even started believing it myself. My Mother, God Rest her soul, frequently said I was retarded and would only end up on public aide.    As my faith matured and through occasional glances into the past, what was once  a mystery to me has a new clarity. Perhaps God allowed life’s climb to be challenging so when sharing my journey, it  may encourage others to “ASPIRE” to success once considered out of their reach. 

My volunteer work with adults of all ages now is dedicated to giving those who fel through the cracks or what some consider “over the hill” to have any aspirations a new chance.  Just because someone over 50 doesn’t have a vocational goal, gaining independence and self-esteem is still extremely important to them.

Even if someone couldn’t jump through all those hoops  for getting gainful employment, there may be hidden awesome potential in there. Disabled persons are still very “able!” 

I believe very much in the words of a song called “In His Time.”

The song can be found at

Please check out this extremely worthwile Campaign. 

Perhaps there’s unused equipment you’ve tucked away or thought no one uses it anymore.  It may be old. However, that same piece of equipment will provide a new portal to a world otherwise out of limits for a person who is blind or has low vision.

Any amount of funds will be put towards helping someone’s dream of independence come true.

Be a visionary who brings renewed vision for a person’s future.

“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Luke 6:38)

Please consider visiting for the first time or revisiting my Go Fund Me Campaign.

Hi, Patty and Campbell back to ask…

Now that you’ve read this most awesome story, how would you like to contribute?

Maybe? You’d like to meet, Dan first-hand?

If so, make sure to check-out the link to the first-ever, live, Tell-It-To-The-World Prime-Time Facebook Event.

You’ll get to chat with Dan about this magnificent idea of his, as well as mingle with some of my other most fabulous clients.

To signup for the event go to: TELL IT TO THE WORLD MARKETING

Just click the link below, and let Dan know how you’d like to help.


Send him an email by writing him at…

Either way, your help will be much appreciated.

Thanks for contributing, and blessid be.




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