Full Moon November 14, 2016

Full Moon November 14, 2016

Hello campbellsworld visitors! I’d like to encourage all of you to read this post. I totally love the concept of building a dam to store our spiritual water of strength and peace in. The winter can be a confining isolating time for many and we will all need strength and positive energy to last through the barren times ahead.

This month I have been given the task of leading a group I am fortunate to belong to in ritual of release and renewal. I will be beginning my magik on the 13 and it will run through the 15. On the 13 I will spend some time in meditation, and contemplation. I will be completing the drawing I have been working toward since the new moon, and I am hopeful of receiving that for which I have asked. I will then on the 14 be working toward the receiving of what I have been rewarded with by the Universe and the Goddesses and Gods on which I called during this time, and I will work toward letting go of whatever it is that is revealed to me that still stands in the way of getting more of that which I am working toward in my life.

On the 15 I will complete the working with a ritual bath. Sometime between 8 and 9 PM on the 15 I will prepare a bath I will be lighting white sage, vanilla and lavender. All of these to me represent calm change. Change and peace are what I very desperately need in my life, and so I am hopeful that having these burning while I am in my bath will assist me in the finding of both. In my water I will add a honey Milk bath mixture I have been readying for the task. I will also add some sea-salt. The honey and milk are to help me with cleansing, and the salt is for protection. Also the honey and milk as well as the salt all represent the earth. Since the moon is in Torus I felt this was appropriate. I hope all who can, will join me for this time.

As well as bathing on the 15 to complete my work I will be reading through my magik journaling that have been accumulating over the last few months. I will use this reading to help me determine what exactly it is I will need to rid myself of to become as successful in all things as I can possibly be.

I fear that over the next few months I may be making some very drastic changes. Some of which people may not understand, but I know exactly what I want for myself now, and I am coming to realize more and more the things, and people that hinder my progress, and although it may seem selfish to some, there a few of both that simply most go.

It is not that I dislike anyone or anything, it simply hinders me from what I want, and need in my life to make me as functional and well as I can be.
Thanks for reading. Thanks to that who wrote the following, and to GrannyMoon for posting and allowing it to be shared.
Have a great day, and blessid be.
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