Full Moon Clarity Recieved

Full Moon Clarity Recieved

 Patty L Fletcher AKA Lady MoonWalker

Feb 24 2016

Over these harsh and sometimes confusing winter months, I have faced many challenges. I have dealt with spiritual challenges, Challenges of matters of the heart, physical challenges, and mental health challenges too. There have been many times when I felt I might absolutely not be able to deal with not one thing more. Yet, somehow I have found the strength to continue onward.

As I have been going through all these things, I’ve been casting and praying, and drawing as much energy as was possible, but not seeing great result. Then just a few days ago, while enjoying the full moon and the special prayer, and meditation time that comes with that, I came to a startling discovery. Nothing I was doing was truly working. While I felt great on the outside, was losing more weight, growing my hair long the way I liked it, signing up for new classes, and reading and writing new things, still there were things seriously wrong in my life. “What is the trouble?” I asked Goddess, as I sat in the circle I’d cast round me.

“Why, can I not manage to get it together and keep it so?” As I sat listening to the quiet Native American music playing on my phone, in deep meditation I began to chant, “Give me the wisdom to see what I need to see.” I repeated this over and over. Calling to God and Goddess and asking for guidance truth, and love.

Soon my meditation time was over and it was back to the seemingly cold nasty world in which I felt trapped.

The next morning as I began my day, I was flooded with emotion. All the daylong I faced deluges of both tears and anger. Sadness and joy.

By the end of the day I was rung out from it and so badly desired comfort. There seemed to be none at hand.

As I fell in to bed late that night after having read all in one day my own book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life in preparation for an upcoming speaking engagement,  laughing and crying my way through, realizing more of both my trials and triumphs since the writing of it,   I again chanted my simple request. When I awoke the next morning I took notice  to how I was feeling, and decided that I was for certain a bit more emotionally stable. As I went through my morning’s chores, got dressed, and prepared to face the day ahead, I listened to downloaded podcasts on my phone.

Soon I was totally engrossed in one called Daily Boost, and was totally filled with amazed disbelief. It was as if the voice of the person doing the podcast was speaking directly in to my soul.

He spoke of how you could either modify your life, making it appear to be renewed, or you could upgrade your life, and truly change it. He gave examples of how this could be done simply by making changes that would be in the end everlasting. He spoke of how one should first decide what exactly they want, make goals to accomplish it and then simply “Do it”

First I was like, “AWW! I’ve heard this at least two-hundred times.” Then I began to truly listen. He spoke of ridding yourself of bad habits, thoughts and ideas. Making changes concerning the groups one hung about with, thinking seriously about the company one kept and what said company did and how they behaved. He talked about not just being a proclaimed believer in the power of positive thinking and action,  and talking about what you wanted to happen, not making excuse why it wasn’t happening, but how one should  get  out and make it happen. By the end of the ten minute episode I had decided I’d been going about a few things wrong, and by the time I left the hot steamy shower a few minutes later, I had squared things with God and Goddess, spoken very specifically about what I needed, wanted, and desired, and set new goals for myself.  

As the day progressed, Awesome opportunities began to unfold at an alarming rate, all because I decided to actually “Take a chance” rather than just talking and writing about it, and now, as I sit at the end of this rainy windy dreary day, I am truly blessed. I have engagements to tell what it is I do, how I do it, why, and for whom starting the last day of the month, and running half way through March.

I am blessed with a kitchen filled with food, and the one large financial problem in my life will soon take care of itself.

I am safe warm and loved, and for tonight I am facing a new challenge. You will never believe what it is. It is simple, I am challenged with now listing all the wonderful and awesome things currently happening in my life. I am grateful that I am truly grounded in the knowledge that there truly is a higher power than am I and that if I will it that power can live within me. I am equally glad that I realized this because realizing it not, would in the end cause me much more lack, and misery than any belief I could hold.

At this moment in time I whisper a simple prayer.

“Thank you Goddess for the sun. Thank you when this day is done, all my needs they will be met. Thank you for what has come to be, and for what has not come yet. Blessings for the coming days, and for the light to shine and light my way. Thank you for all who are within and without and loved, and for those who love me. Blessid Be.”

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