Frustrations of a Guide Dog Handler

Frustrations of a Guide Dog Handler

Hello again Readers! I’m back again to vent! To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement I left my house in plenty of time to catch our regular bus route. A bus route I might add that we’ve been catching for near six years now. Today along our way we met with so many obstacles on the sidewalk in the way of cars, over hanging branches, and blown leaves and brush in the way that we were disoriented and lost having accidentally made anothe diagnal street crossing, from having had to go round obstacles that forced us into the street.

I am seriously sick and tired of neglectful property owners, car owners, and inconsiderate city workers. If I had one wish right this moment in time it would be for every person who caused me an obstacle and unsafe crossing to have to walk in my shoes just for 24 hours. I wish there were a way for me to create an organized event so that people had to try and navigate the things I do each day blindfolded. I promise people would have a different attitude, and would take more care.

Thing is though, it’s not just the public at large that can be thoughtless. I have trouble with accessibility issues right in my own back yard, what with people leaving things lying around with no thought to the fact that I am blind and that I cannot possibly keep my dog in his harness 24-7 !!! Why can people just not give a bit of thought to where they’re putting things. When you park your car alongside the walk, can you not park in such a way that you’re not blocking the walk? When your yard needs raked, can you not take care of it so that leaves, and fallen limbs do not blow into the walkways and street? When you cut brush and leave it at the street for the city to carry away can you not do it so it doesn’t make it unsafe for people to walk?

Think…Think…Think…! Is it possible? People act like we disabled are the problem. I’m starting to wonder just who are the real disAbled.

Needless to say by the time I realized where we were and corrected us we’d missed the bus, both felt lower than a snail’s belly and came back home. We’re both starting to really lose our nerve, and would really appreciate it if the fine folks in our neck of the woods would be just a bit more considerate.

Until next time this is Patty and the very frustrated King Campbell Seeing Eye Dog saying…

Clear the way! And blessid be!

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