Frustrated Blogger

Frustrated Blogger

I’m back, but this time, I’m afraid I got to vent just a bit.

Now, before I get to it, you know? Climbing up onto my soap-box and all, kinda thing, let me just say, this is not in any way meant to be critical of any person, blog etc. It’s just something I’m frustrated about, as a blogger who is blind, and who while offering her posts to all, must in every way possible make her posts accessible.

What am I ranting on? Well, dog gone it! I’m ranting on…
Digital photos, and other types of posts that have no readable text.

When someone posts something, and half of it shows the words in a graphical or digital way that my screen-reader, or Apple Voice-Over won’t read, it frustrates me, and seems to me there’s more and more of it coming into play everywhere I go.

Oh! Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of readable posts for me to enjoy, and re-blog for my readers, both blind, and sighted, but even things I used to participate in are now suddenly becoming inaccessible.

Now, there’s no way folks can know, what our technology will read. Hell, we have a hard time keeping up, it changes so often. Don’t get me wrong. This is just something that frustrates me.

What can I do? Well, I’m going to start saving links that have such as what frustrates me, and send it to those who are updated existing, or creating new software, and see if these things cannot be made so we, who read by voice, can see them too.

How, can you, the blogger help? Well, when possible maybe you could provide a text copy of what is being said, or asked.

Now, I wouldn’t expect a long post to be made available, but a quick quote funny saying, or question of the week, that would be splendid, and way appreciated.

What say you, blind or visually impaired, bloggers? Chime in. How do you feel? Am I being over sensitive, and asking too much? Or, do these things plague you as well.

Thanks for reading everyone, and keep on keepin’ on with blogging. It’s all good, in the Campbell Kingdom which of course is located in campbellsworld.

Until next time, this is Bubba, who don’t care what it says, long as it says it’s dinner time, and his blogger mom saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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