Frumpy Clothes, The Pathway to Freedom-Book Release and the Proof Awaits Oh My! #Author’sCorner #What’sUp

Frumpy Clothes, The Pathway to Freedom-Book Release and the Proof Awaits Oh My! #Author’sCorner #What’sUp


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NOVEMBER 25, 2020.


Good morning to You All!

This morning, I’m coming to you from the comfort of my recliner. My hair is tied back from my face, flowing across my shoulders and down my back in crazy curls. I’m dressed in my most comfortable Frumpy clothes. My outfit today, consists of old, torn up sweatpants, a flannel shirt which is older than King Campbell would be had he lived and my thick, fleece nonskid footies my sweet landlady Skye bought me for Thanksgiving/Christmas last year. I’ve a cup of coffee dotted with one of my favorite creamers and so far, All is Right with my World!

I’m writing to you, to let you know that I’ll be out of pocket much of the day. Claire has sent me what we hope, pray and believe is the copy of my manuscript which will be used for the publishing of my book, Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed: Book One How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life Second Edition. I’ve decided, since Claire is having sleep time, during much of my workday, I’m going to read through this copy one more time. I want this book to be the absolute best it can be. I’ll be using the read aloud feature found in the Microsoft Edge PDF reader. I’m doing this because though the voice is of a computerized robotic nature, it does recognize pauses caused by punctuation, and this gives me a great idea of the flow and surge of my writing. It will also alert me to any phrasing which should be changed.

I must admit, I’ve a lot of emotions bundled up in the publishing of this book. I’m Excited, Nervous, a bit Uncertain and somewhat scared. In this telling of my story, per reader request, I’ve written more openly about those things which happened to me during that time of my life than ever. There are things written in this book, which have never been shared with anyone but Campbell. Campbell knew it all, because for the most part he lived it right by my side and in the evenings, during Hangout Time with Bubba I told him the rest.

That’s not all that’s got me out of pocket these days. No! Not at All!

There are other things which will have me out of my normal working routine this week. This is a holiday week here in the US. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in our land. But for me, it is more. I’m throwing a two-day party. It is going to be a Rockin Good Time! Below is the link you’ll need to attend if you’re not already signed up to go.


This event is open to the public.


PS. I’m attaching a few photos. Some of you may have seen these before but they’re favorites of mine.

If you’re reading this on my blog, please let me know if the way I’m adding these allows you to view them. Feedback is crucial to my success.

We’ve a pic of Bubba in Bed with Duck, Bubba with Sheep stuffy, Campbell Looking at Mom with Big Pleading Eyes, which is of him sitting at my feet wishing, hoping, and dreaming that I’ll drop what I’m eating so he can scarf it.

Claire, I’m sorry I didn’t get these to you before we did the book file. They’re good ones too.

Ah well, I’m writing a trilogy after all, so we shall get it done another time.


You’ve done an amazing job helping me with this publication and I’m over the moon about it!

OK. the proof awaits so, until next time, this is Patty saying…

Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate and Happy Wednesday if you don’t, may Harmony find You. Blessid Be, And Amen.


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