From Writing and Music: #MondayMotivation – #Meditation – #TarotReading – #DragonOracleCard

From Writing and Music: #MondayMotivation – #Meditation – #TarotReading – #DragonOracleCard

Good morning, I hope this post finds you doing well.

Today, as I sit sipping coffee and listening to the rain drumming on the windows and scrolling through all the blogs I follow, I came across a post which truly resonated with me.

I’ve followed Jan for quite some time and find her readings quite amazing.

This week, she’s drawn three cards from the Tarot and what she writes about their meanings and how they might relate to us leapt out at me in such a way that I had to take her link and turn it into a post for some folks I think it might truly help.

Before I send you over to experience her impressive talent, I’d like to share the descriptions of what the cards she drew look like.

I believe this will help those who cannot see the photos understand the cards a bit better.

I hope Jan will not mind my taking the liberty of doing this. It is in no way a criticism of her work.

I’ve not done “Alt Text” here, instead, I’ve gone to a website I use when working with my cards and copied their written descriptions.


First the descriptions and then the link to Jan’s post.


King of cups


King Of Cups Description

The King of Cups sits on a large stone throne and wears a blue tunic and a gold cape – a symbol of his authority and status. A small fish amulet hangs around his neck symbolizing his creativity. In his right hand, he holds a cup representing the emotions, and his left has a sceptre, showing power and control. Unlike the other Cups court cards, he doesn’t look at his cup and seems to be focused elsewhere; perhaps he has already mastered his emotional self and doesn’t need to concentrate as hard on this facet of himself.

The King of Cups appears to be floating on a granite block in the middle of a turbulent sea. Behind him on his right, a fish jumps out of the ocean, while on the left, a ship sails steadily despite the waves. These images show that this King stays calm and balanced, even in turbulent conditions, and has learned how to stay open to his emotions and unconscious impulses, without being overwhelmed by them. He keeps power and control while balancing his feelings.


3 of Pentacles


Three Of Pentacles Description

The Three of Pentacles shows a young stonemason working with his tools on a portion of a cathedral. In front of him two architects hold the plans for the design. The soaring ceilings and intricate engravings signify that both parties are skilled in their respective crafts. The stonemason appears to be discussing his progress so far with the architects, and even though he is less experienced, they value his opinion and specialist knowledge. Their body language insinuates that this young man is an essential contributor to the cathedral’s completion and the architects want to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


8 of swords


Eight Of Swords Description

The Eight of Swords shows a woman bound and blindfolded. Eight swords surround her, seemingly trapping her in place, a symbol of the limiting thoughts, beliefs and mindset that prevent her from moving forward in her life. However, look closer: if the woman removed her blindfold, she would quickly realise that she can escape her predicament by letting go of her limiting beliefs and establishing a new, more empowered mindset. The water pooled at her feet suggests that her intuition might see what her eyes cannot.

NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

This information was found at:


And now, I invite you to head over for the readings and meditation for the week.

Thanks Jan for providing such an incredible reading:



  1. Thank you for sharing, Patty!

  2. Hello Patty…A great share I too love Jan’s tarot readings and pop in from time to time…Thank you for following CarolCooks2 🙂

  3. i Carol, you’re welcome.
    And thanks for visiting me in my worlds.

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