From the Journal of Lady Laya MoonWalker – High Priestess of Korponious written by, Patty L. Fletcher 03/12/2024 #TheBlendedLivesChronicles

From the Journal of Lady Laya MoonWalker – High Priestess of Korponious written by, Patty L. Fletcher 03/12/2024 #TheBlendedLivesChronicles

Good morning, everyone. I hope you’re doing awesome on this Tuesday, March 12, 2024.

Here, the coffee is hot, so far today, the weather is not. Guess what? That’s the way Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue and I love it.

We got up this morning, after staying up late. The weather was crispy. A temp of 28.

I rambled around,

trying not to make a sound.

The chief lies flat of his back, snoring, on his new fluffy mat, his toys all around.

I got the coffee perking.

Gave thanks the coffeepot was working.


It’s Cold!

69 degrees, from the talking thermostat we’re told.

Like a flash,

I slip into my clothes.

Leggings, Bra,


into the shirt,

over the head,

quick, pull, with a jerk.

Smooth out the wrinkles,

got to do better than this.

Need clothing to look good,

look as they should.

Even working at home,

I need to look good.

Now, we walk, feed, play and talk.

Blue, he lies on the bed, resting his long self, a pillow and blanket under his head.



That’s OK with me.

We’re Team Blue.

Don’t go messin’ with him or me.


I’m ready.

Time to sit down and put words on the page.

Last night I wrote with a flurry.

My characters are enraged.

They’ve been attacked.

Soldiers at the door.

What in all hells?

Randle, Derrick, Laya, Wolverine, and Daniel roar.

They stand in silent shock.

Even the writer didn’t know.

Not until they told me,

the monster from the Land of the Lightning,

until now, only foretold.








it’s real.



suicide bombers.

All hands at battle stations.

The cry goes out across the land.

Defend what is ours.

This is the command.

Take the Federation back.

Make it our great land once again.





This is their demand.

Against this we must stand.

The Blended Lives Planetary Federation Together We Stand.

Here my cry!

Hear my Decree!

May Peace, Love, and Freedom Reign and Remain Forever.

Find The Blended Lives Chronicles and more here.

Patty L. Fletcher

Bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled


  1. Robbie Cheadle Reply
    March 12, 2024

    Hi Patty, a lovely post. I also try and look best and tidy even if I’m working at home. I’m delighted to hear your writing is going so well.

    1. Hi, Robbie, I feel it helps me keep my focus if I dress decently. If I act as if I’m going to work I’m apt to get more done.
      However, I’m relaxing a bit now. I’ve just slipped back into my house dress.

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