From Story Empire [Accompanying the Writer] #Author’sCorner #SocialMediaMonday #Tip

From Story Empire [Accompanying the Writer] #Author’sCorner #SocialMediaMonday #Tip

Good morning, I hope this post finds you ready and willing to learn.

Here at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist) where we support talented authors, as well as successful business owners in their marketing, by marrying social media, with more traditional approaches, the goal is to help the client market their Book, Blog, or Business to the absolute best of their ability.

One of the best ways for me to do this, is to share tips with my clients, so that they can define the services I provide them, to better meet their needs.

Not long ago, whilst scrolling through blog posts, feeding my blogger addiction as I am known to do, I fell upon this post and after devouring its amazing insights and information, I decided I must share it here with you.

It is my hope that as you read, you’ll gain a new understanding of how important what you write is to the reader. I also hope you’ll come away with the realization that if people are moved by such as what is spoken of here that what they find when they come in search of more about you is also key to your success.

After you’ve had a read, I hope you’ll provide some feedback here to let me know your thoughts.

And now, today’s tip.


Accompanying the Writer

JUNE 11, 2021 / GWEN M. PLANO

Hello SE friends. Gwen with you today. You might recall that my last several posts focused on typology and how our unique nature affects our writing style. Whether we’re analytical or fanciful, detailed or vague, or have an introspective or other-centered outlook, our fundamental way of approaching life is present in how we write. This fact leads to another consideration. Does our typology guide what or how we read?

It seems only logical that we’d be drawn to those books that resonate with our nature. If we’re more extroverted, for example, wouldn’t we gravitate to a book with a lot of action or engagement? Perhaps a passionate romance or a fast-paced thriller? Maybe …

When I investigated buying patterns, though, I discovered something I hadn’t realized. Indie writers publish around two million books each year. The reading choices are endless, and with just a simple visit to Amazon, a book can be on our Kindle in seconds. So what do we read?

It turns out that most of us buy and read books within our Indie communities. We follow blogs and join online book clubs. We create friendships, and we read books that these friends have written. Our communities are more determinant of what we read than the type of book we might be most drawn to. When a friend has a New Release, we often add it to our Kindle as a way of showing support. Through this simple gesture, most of us have broadened our reading parameters and perhaps discovered something unexpected. I’ll explain.

A few years ago, as I was reading a book by a club friend, something occurred that changed how I read. About a fourth of the way through the book, I suddenly became aware of the writer. It was just a simple sentence. Nothing profound. Nothing quotable. But the sentence drew me to the writer.

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*Reader’s Note*

The poem found when continuing to read the post above was a graphic. After some discussion with the author of this post, she has graciously provided the text and I’m copying below.

However, to appreciate it fully, you will need to read the entire blog post.

*Begin Poem*

I search for you,
Writer unknown,
Each page a port of departure.
Through dreams you disclose,
I wander.

A word laid bare,
A phrase that lingers,
A plot that captures or awakens,
Your footsteps stealth on paper trails,
The scent of you,
I savor.

The web you spin,
Entraps and cradles,
While entangled characters wrestle.
Through the give and take of life and love,
The glimpses of you,
I follow.

At last, I see,
My muse, my tease,
Behind the hes and shes you’ve crafted,
An elusive warrior or tender lover—the storyteller,
YOU, now revealed
I honor.

I do, however

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