From RTS: Kind Conversation and the Kitty Cat Connection by Patty L. Fletcher #author’sCorner

From RTS: Kind Conversation and the Kitty Cat Connection by Patty L. Fletcher #author’sCorner

Kind Conversation and the Kitty Cat connection

By: Patty L. Fletcher

April 18, 2021

It was Saturday morning, the day stretched before me with grand possibility. The week past had been all but grueling and I was ready for some downtime. My plan was to make a big, hot, strong cup of morning brew, spend a couple of leisurely hours catching up on all the newsletters I’d piled into my folder for the week and then work on fine tuning my website. As usual, I make plans and the universe laughs.

I’d just settled in with my first cup when my text alert went off. It was my tech guy, wanting to know if I could send him some needed log in info so he could do a bit more work from his end on my website, which we’d been transferring from one hosting site to another. Feeling much relieved that he would do the hard parts for me I readily agreed. But when he tried using the log in credentials I sent they didn’t work. With an annoyed huff, I put my cup aside and went to see what the trouble was. Had I given the incorrect password? When I checked I found it was correct but for whatever reason it wouldn’t take. So, figuring I’d just change the thing and move onward, I leapt nimbly through Google’s hoops and thinking all was well, sent the new info off and headed back to my morning’s reading. And that, was when the laughing began.

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