From Recovering the Self: New post The Author Inside #Author’sCorner #ContentWritingPromotion

From Recovering the Self: New post The Author Inside #Author’sCorner #ContentWritingPromotion


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Good Glorious Saturday Afternoon to You All!

I’m Pleased and Privileged to share with you another Amazing submission which has been accepted for publication onto the RTS blog owned and operated by author and journalist Ernest Dempsey.

Claire Plaisted sent me a submission a week or so ago, and here it is for your reading enjoyment. Congratulations Claire. We hope you’ll comment on the GV group and the blogs so we can share in your success!


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The Author Inside

by RTS Editor

by Claire Plaisted It’s a strange thing to find an Author inside yourself, especially when you don’t know it’s there. In fact, I didn’t find out until I was in my late forties. Though going back in time, I’m not overly surprised now as I was in 2012 when this journey of mine started. Childhood […]

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