From Recovering the Self: Game Over #ContentWritingPromotion #WordPressWednesday

From Recovering the Self: Game Over #ContentWritingPromotion #WordPressWednesday

Good morning.

As you may know, I’ve been working keyboard to keyboard with Ernest Dempsey and all the Totally Talented writers in my sphere to help produce good quality content on the RTS blog.

Today, I’m Pleased and Privileged to share the following with you.

Great job Abbie. Thanks Ernest.

Please read more below.

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Game Over

by Ernest

by Abbie Johnson Taylor He didn’t leave his heart in San Francisco, the home of the 2014 World Series champion. No, his heart was in Colorado. The Rockies haven’t won a world series game since 2007 when we realized he’d never walk again after suffering two strokes. If not for the team’s near victory, eternal […]

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  1. Reblogged this on My Corner and commented:
    Thanks to bloggers Ernest Dempsey and Patty Fletcher for publishing my poem, inspired by my late husband’s love of The Colorado Rockies. Enjoy!

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