From My Book of Shadows a Look Within a Look Without Decisions to Make and Pathways to Take #Journal

From My Book of Shadows a Look Within a Look Without Decisions to Make and Pathways to Take #Journal

MAY 29, 2021


My morning began at just after 6 AM with a Pounce! And insistent Meowing from Prince Edward. He’d already been up in the bed an hour before trying to talk me into getting up and feeding him, but I’d managed to grab another hour of sleep before he became so demanding there was nothing to do for it except give in and get up.

At first, I thought I might just feed him and crawl back into the bed, however once I was up and moving about, I began to awake so decided to start my day instead.

After I put Eddy’s can of food into his bowl and made certain he was eating I went to make that all important first cup of brew.

The morning went along normally with me doing my routine of washing face, brushing teeth and hair and cleaning out the litter box.

Once all those things were done and my coffee was finished, I settled into my recliner and readied myself for a morning of snuggling with Sweet Eddy and catching up on podcasts and magazines I’d not had time for during the week. But when Eddy plopped himself into my lap settling in so comfortably and the house was at such peace for a moment all I could do was sit in the glory of the silence breathing it in. The ceiling fan whirred softly above us creating a wonderful flow of air all around, all was still outside and for a moment I felt as if we were the only beings in the world. To me, there is nothing more golden than a moment of complete silence at the beginning of the day so for a few moments I simply sat sipping my coffee, petting Eddy and letting my mind drift as it wished.

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