From JewniquelyMyself: Close The Eye And Open #Friday’sFinds #PoetryPlace

From JewniquelyMyself: Close The Eye And Open #Friday’sFinds #PoetryPlace

Hello Patty’s Worlds Visitors. I hope this posting finds you doing Fabulous on this beautiful summer’s day.

Today, I’m kicking off Friday’s Finds with a blast from the past I found whilst rummaging round in Friend and fellow blogger Joan Myles’s blog.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as did I because it is indeed a true treasure.

And now, here’s Joan to share her beautiful poetry with all the worlds.

Close The Eye And Open

August 20, 2020

Close the eye and open

The heart

A word

Upon the wind a whisper of waiting

Shivers drawing near

Light glints and wavers

A pulsing window screen

Close the eye and open

This poem was found at:

Joan Myles has always been a child of Wonder as well as a spiritual seeker. When she lost her sight at the age of 12, these qualities and writing poetry saved her from despair.

Joan earned a B.A. in Education, a Master’s in Jewish Studies. She married, raised four lively children, worked as a Rehabilitation Teacher, and taught Hebrew and Judaics for over 15 years.

Her first book of poetry, One With Willows, vividly expresses Joan’s child-like joy. She considers her poems to be a kind of footpath for readers, an opening into Wonder and Awe as a means to reclaim their own sense of spiritual playfulness.

Joan’s words also reveal the invisible link between one human being and another, between humans and Nature, between the physical realm and the Spiritual. The idea of the Oneness of Creation flows through her work, the understanding of living in the world as a journey of discovery, of stepping into and between the various layers and levels of existence. the poems in One Glittering Wing represents this kind of journey, specifically through Joan’s year long passage from the deep pain of her mother’s death toward reconciliation with Life.

Joan currently lives in Oregon with her best friend who also happens to be her husband.

Buy Joan’s Books

One Glittering Wing:

Pictured: the front cover of “One Glittering Wing” by Joan Myles. Behind the white title text is a dark abstract watercolor painting reminiscent of stormy clouds. Layers of black, purple, and blue, drawing the eye towards the lavender and white break in the center.

One Glittering Wing

Written during the months before and after the death of Joan’s mother, One Glittering Wing is a book of meditative poems, reflecting joy, sadness, and the journey towards spiritual healing.

“In her 2019 collection, One with Willows, Joan Myles brings fresh meaning to lines of traditional Jewish liturgy. Here, in One Glittering Wing, she turns her attention inward, trusting us with playful, prayerful, mournful, powerful poems which speak her deeply. Thank you, Joan, thank you.” – Ada Molinoff, Ph.D., MFA

Buy One Glittering Wing on Amazon and Kindle.

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One with Willows:

Pictured: the front cover of “One with Willows” by Joan Myles. Behind the title text is an abstract watercolor painting of the boughs of a willow tree.

One with Willows

One with Willows is a collection of spiritually playful poems that invite you to step out of the everyday world, to catch your breath, even to catch a glimpse of what really is.

One with Willows is a friendly reminder that things can get better. It will sit with you on the edge of the bed when you are weary and revive your sense of hope when you need a boost.

Buy One with Willows on Amazon and Kindle.

Buy One with Willows on Smashwords.

If for some reason the buy links do not work for you, please visit:


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