From GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast – What’s Happening in November #Goddessschool #GrannyMoon #Magickal

From GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast – What’s Happening in November #Goddessschool #GrannyMoon #Magickal

What’s Happening?!?

Goddess of Cailleach/Samhain runs from 10/31 – 11/27

Celtic Tree Calendar Month ~

October 28th to November 23rd – Broom/Fern/Reed

Herb of the Year for 2022: Viola (violet, heartsease) named by the International Herb Association


NOV. 8: FULL MOON In Taurus And Lunar Eclipse

NOV. 7-9: Feast of Divine Justice – Source of just law, honoring Goddess-God as Maat-Thoth (Egyptian); Goddess as Themis (Greek), Justice (Christian), and God as Forseti (Norse).

NOV. 11: Feast of Dionysus – Greek God whom Yeshua was “connected to” as the Cosmic Gnosis.

NOV. 11: Celtic Lunatishees—Day of the Fairy Sidhe; honoring the Other People in whom is held the immortal life force; Old November Eve [Samhain on old calendar].

NOV. 11: Dajbog

NOV. 11: Rodnovery God – first ancestor of all the Slavic people in the world

NOV. 11: Navajo Night chant

NOV. 13: Festival of Jupiter – Roman deity associated with rain and agriculture, prime protector of the state, and concerned with all aspects of life.

NOV. 13: Roman Fontinalia – Feast of Fons, God of Springs.

NOV. 14: Feast of Musicians and Bards – Druid celebration of the Celtic musical arts.

NOV. 16: HECATE’S NIGHT The Greek Goddess Hecate/Hekate of Crossroads, often seen with her sacred dogs.

NOV. 16: – Thracian Night of Hecate, Greek Goddess of the Hags or Wisewomen, (later called Witches), her name comes from Heqa-ma’at, a Goddess in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead who later became Hekmah or Hokmah (also spelled Chokmah) meaning wisdom in the ancient Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). From Heqa-ma’at / Hecate / Hokmah we get the Greek word for wisewoman or holywoman, “hag”. Honoring Hecate – Thracian Goddess of the Moon, Magick, and Witches as the Teacher of the Craft.



Find more about what’s happening in the month of November plus recipes, DYI articles, short stories poetry, and lots of Magickal Magnificent Fun.


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