From author and artist Lynda McKinney Lambert: The Write Stuff – featuring ME #Advertising #Author’sCorner #Interview #WordPressWednesday

From author and artist Lynda McKinney Lambert: The Write Stuff – featuring ME #Advertising #Author’sCorner #Interview #WordPressWednesday

In case you missed it!

A Joyful Announcement from Lynda McKinney Lambert!

Greetings to each of you – this is what went live today from The Write Stuff.

Marcia Miara selected me for a Special Presentation on her blog, The Write Stuff.

I knew it would be coming out and would go live today, but this was the first time I saw it – this afternoon. She has presented my story, and photos of me working on art in my fiber studio. She has featured me today because this is the opening of the InSights20 international exhibition in Louisville, KY. It is presented by American Printing House for the Blind. I have won first place and that award is shared with another person – You can visit the blog post at The Write Stuff – From there, you will get the link to visit the show . The First, Second, and Third place winners in all categories are featured on that site today.

Thank you for visiting The Write Stuff and please be sure to leave me a note while there, if you can. I’ve already received quite a lot of positive feedback from readers and I would love to know my friends are there as well. Thanks in advance and here is the link:

Lynda McKinney Lambert – Author/Artist


  • I am the keeper of memories. I distil and share them through art and writing.
  • I reveal what is forgotten, lost, or unseen.
  • I write spare poems and thoughtful personal essays.
  • I create art with brilliant colors & precious materials, one stitch at a time.

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