Dear Friends and Supporters,


I am  pleased to announce my good news.


I want to invite you to listen to an interview I did with Friends in Art for the Art Parlor program.

Here is your invitation and the interview will be featured during the month of august. Days and times are listed below:

You can listen TONIGHT at 8 PM – Eastern Time.

Other times are listed below.


This interview tells  my story.

I’d love to hear from you. :



My story  begins in The Village of Wurtemburg,  located in  rural western Pennsylvania.  I was born on August 27, 1943.  I am “Friday’s Child” and born under the  Blueberry Moon. My destiny was to be an artist and writer.  The images of my art and stories and poems are nestled deeply  inside of me.  I unearth them in the solitude of my studio.



Please, tune into  ArtFelt  to listen.   It airs tonight on ACB Radio Mainstream at 7PM and it will replay throughout the month of August.  Tonight at 8 PM, , as well as 8PM Saturday, 8AM Sunday, and 7AM Tuesday.


To see the full schedule of programming on Mainstream, go to


To learn more about Friends in Art, visit .





To listen to Art Parlor over the phone.


FIRST:   make a note of the time that the show will replay on ACB Radio Mainstream.

The replay times are as follows:


Sunday at 8AM

Tuesday at 7AM

Wednesday at 7PM

Saturday at 8PM


You may wish to give yourself a little lead time. When you are ready, call


(518) 906-1820


You’ll hear a menu which has an option for listening to any of our streams. Select 1 for Mainstream East (Eastern time).


Then, you will hear Mainstream start to play.



Thanks for your interest and support of my art and writing!


This is a talisman.

My Eyes are Only for You__

It will appear in InSights20 exhibition in Louisville, KY beginning in October.

This is an encrusted bead worked talisman – Fiber Art – and a good example of what I do in ART these days.

I spend my days making Talismans and Wall pieces – as well as working on my books.  I have FOUR BOOKS on AMAZON at this time.


Lynda McKinney Lambert – Author/Artist

104 River Road

Ellwood City, PA i16117

734 758 4979



·        I am the keeper of memories. I distil and share them  through  art and writing.

·        I reveal what is forgotten, lost, or unseen.

I write  spare poems and thoughtful personal essays.
I create art with  brilliant colors &  precious materials, one stitch at a time.


  1. Patty, thank you so very much for your interest in sharing the invitation to listen to my interview on Friends of Art. I will hear it tonight for the first time – at 8 pm. I imagine it went very well for the people who created the program and did the interview were spot-on. Thanks to Annie Chiappetta, Jason, and Lynn (who passed away shortly after we did this interview.) What a privilege it was to work with these pros. I am so grateful for you sharing this and for the 3 who made it happen.

    1. Hi Lynda.
      It’s my pleasure to share. I’m getting ready to walk the beasty so I can settle in and listen to you.
      Knowing what I do about you and your interview skills I expect a Saturday night treat.

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    Re-blogging this announcement. You can listen to Lynda doing an interview on the Art Parlor, during the month of August. Read this article for times and days that you can connect to the radio station to hear the interview. Thanks!

  3. Hello everyone I’ve just discovered that you can ask Siri to play ACB Mainstream radio and find the show that way.

    Patty L. Fletcher

    Self-Published Author and Social Media Promotional Assistant


    Website: .

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