FRIDAY’S FEATURED AUTHOR OF THE WEEK PRESENTS!: author Phyllis Staton Campbell #ReadingWithTheAuthors

FRIDAY’S FEATURED AUTHOR OF THE WEEK PRESENTS!: author Phyllis Staton Campbell #ReadingWithTheAuthors


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For those who may not know me, I’m Patty L. Fletcher, owner creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist), where we marry Social Media Marketing with more Traditional approaches.

One of the many Totally Talented people I represent is friend and fellow author, Phyllis Staton Campbell.

This morning, while reading and reblogging blog posts, I ran across a review by another friend and client who is also a fellow author, Abbie Johnson Taylor.

This got my marketing muse jabbering, and next thing I knew I was fishing up info about Phyllis’s two-part book series and here is the result of what my marketing muse and I created. As you know, Phyllis is still recovering from illness, so I hope you’ll help me help her by sharing this offering with your fellow writers, readers, and friends.


Title: Where Sheep May Safely Graze [What Amazon Says]

If you’re looking for a book with a blind character, standing high on a pedestal, surrounded by a perfect world, this book isn’t for you. If, however,

you’re looking for inspiration laced with laughter and tears, read on. Jim Miller, who was blinded in Iraq, finds his faith tested, as he and his wife,

Amy, struggle to adjust to his blindness, and a new marriage. When his congregation forces him to step down, because of his blindness, they accept a church

in a mountain town. From there, they look up, and find the will of God.

No, you won’t find a pedestal, but you will find humor as Jim practices his first baptism with a doll, and you will find inspiration as Jim and Amy find

their place in the world, and a stronger faith in God.


Title: Where Sheep May Safely Graze

Author: Phyllis Staton Campbell

Publisher: Gold touch Press, LLC

ISBN: 978-1951461171

Genre: Inspirational spiritual fiction

Pages: 214

Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Hollywood Book Reviews

An inspiring journey that touches with multi-level love and powerful faith, Phyllis Staton Campbell’s Where Sheep May Safely Graze, allows readers to vicariously experience love and life through the uniquely posed perspective and experiences of its central characters; a blinded pastor and his faith-filled loving, devoted wife. Also, coincidentally, author Phyllis Staton Campbell happens to be blind as well, a factor which adds both depth and emotional realism to her writing by virtue of her experiences and ability to portray her characters and their emotion rending experiences.

After losing her parents to a tragic accident, Amy Brandt was left with her memories and a strict but loving grandmother to raise her. Although hurt from their loss, she did not blame God for what seemed to be their untimely deaths. In retrospect, she recalls how her father, also a pastor explained how “God has a plan for our lives,” – it is later in her life that this spiritual truism really hits home for her.

As Amy moves on with her life, she finds she has a love for music and wants to be a minister of music and majors in organ. After obtaining her degree, she gets a job at Grace church which is where she also meets new pastor Jim Miller. Pastor Jim awakens feelings in Amy’s heart, and a mutual attraction turns into a slow-building romance which also eventually leads to their marriage.

Very much in love and happily married, the newlywed couple begins to build a life for themselves, within their parish. However, as fate or God would have it, a tragic event alters their lives forever and Jim comes home from an unfortunate military experience, permanently blind. As a result, the newlyweds face the biggest challenges of their lives as both Jim and Amy learn to cope with his blindness both as a couple and as individuals. Also adding to their trials and tribulations is Jim’s super controlling mother who does not seem to want to let go of managing her son’s life even as a married man. Moreover, with life being very different for the loving couple, while Jim continues to acclimate to his new world of darkness, he finds that not everyone has faith in his ability to be a competent pastor, thereby as a result, division arises within his parish; forcing Jim and Amy to move into a very different world when it comes to parishes. Ultimately, it is their faith in God and his plans for their lives which keeps them strong, loving and leads them to realize where they truly belonged.

Completely an enjoyable and rewarding read, that I wholeheartedly recommend, Where Sheep May Safely Graze which encompasses a well-told story fraught with an expanse of emotions; there are laughable moments such as when Jim has to practice his baptism skills on a doll, as well as plenty of tears, as the two work to overcome the many hurdles suddenly appearing in their lives. I was immediately engaged by the realistic narrative and strong loving characters. Altogether, the story reminds me of a parable of sorts that teaches about keeping faith in God’s plans for our lives, although facing some of the worst possible life circumstances, because ultimately, in the long run, life will work out for your highest good.


“Goin’ Home

By Phyllis Staton Campbell

Book Summary:

Pastor Jim, blinded in Iraq, and his wife Amy settle down after the storm that has almost destroyed the town, only to find that the most peaceful garden can harbor a serpent. The town is thrown into chaos, when a mass killer is returned home to die after fifty years in prison. The town is divided and they find themselves in the middle.

There is humor when the new church secretary confuses names, and sends the hearse to pick up a dog. A country music singer appears on the scene, and Jim learns a secret from the past.

For readers who enjoy the Mitford series by Jan Karon.

Reader Review.

5 OUT OF 5 Stars

“Fabulously Entertaining”

After having read Where Sheep May Safely Graze during which I got to know Pastor Jim, wife Amy, their mischievous thunder fearing cat Eve and all the other delightful residents of Pleasantville You can’t possibly imagine my excitement when I learned that author Phyllis Staton Campbell had finally put out the sequel ‘Goin’ Home.’

Using threads of humor, joy, sadness, suspense, and fear Campbell weaves a story which allows the reader to learn valuable life lessons while solving a murder mystery.

Goin’ Home is guaranteed to leave the reader with a great feeling of satisfaction when the last page has been turned.

When I closed the book my only wish was that the author please hurry and write another in what I feel is the best series since that old scripture obeying dog ran through the pages of the Mitford series all those years ago.

I happily recommend it to anyone who will but pick up a copy and read.


“There’s so much sadness in this old world,” Liz said. “Now you take Mary. She’s lived with that tragedy for fifty years. It was awful with part of the town in shock, hardly knowing how they felt about it, and the rest wanting to hang him from that big tree on the town square.”

“Amy was shivering, although the incident had been years earlier.”


“The fog had cleared, but the world was dark.”


These books are also on the NLS website along with several of Phyllis’s other works.

DB-Campbell_ Phyllis Staton Where sheep may safely graze

DB-Campbell_ Phyllis Staton Goin’ home

And now, the book review that woke up my marketing muse

A Novel About Reconciliation #Friday Fun Reads, #Reblog

Note: I posted this review last spring when the book came out. It was recently discussed by one of the groups in which I participate. So, I thought it worth a second look.

Goin’ Home

by Phyllis Staton Campbell

Copyright 2020
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Thanks Abbie for the delightful review. To the rest of you, when you’re through please review.

Reviews are welcome on Amazon, Goodreads, and anywhere else possible, or you may send them privately to Patty L. Fletcher mailto:patty.volunteer1


Phyllis Staton Campbell, who was born blind, writes about the world she knows best. She calls on her experience as teacher of the blind, peer counselor and youth transition coordinator. She says that she lives the lives of her characters: lives of sorrow and joy; triumph and failure; hope and despair. That she and her characters sometimes see the world in a different way, adds depth to the story. She sees color in the warmth of the sun on her face, the smell of rain, the call of a cardinal, and God, in a rainbow of love and grace.

Although she was born in Amherst County, Virginia, she has lived most of her life in Staunton, Virginia, where she serves as organist at historic Faith Lutheran church, not far from the home she shared with her husband, Chuck, who waits beyond that door called death.

To see all her books, and more reviews please visit:


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Reading With the Authors,

Phyllis Staton Campbell


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